How To Install a Magura Hydraulic Clutch on a Honda CR250R

How To Install a Magura Hydraulic Clutch on a Honda CR250R

If your Honda CR has a heavy clutch that wears out your hand and causes poor clutch control, the Magura Hydraulic HYMEC Clutch is a solution that replaces your cable actuated clutch with a smooth pulling, responsive hydraulic clutch lever system. In this video, Charles shows the proper steps on how to install the Magura Hydraulic clutch on a 2004 Honda CR250R.

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Ben Tagliarini says:

How much lighter did it feel? Is it one or 2 finger pull now? Compare it to another bike please like ktm?

Ive got a 2000 cr250 fitted it with shorter version of moose racing clutch lever that gives lighter pull, plus a cheaper version of moose racing light clutch pull metal device box, if i had longer lever be lighter feel and alot better that standard ss I have arthritis but need more info on this as alot of money of im not happy lol

Jason Bentley says:

I bought one from RM and it’s leaking after 1 ride!

tien pham says:

Hey bro! How much lighter will it be from the original?

Foxtrot 67 says:

Will this kit (PN) work on a 2019 CRF 250RX?

Rb Br says:

So , he measures 10mm on top. How long is the complete sleeve what goes into the clutch lifter?? What is that 50mm?? So why did i get a sleeve what gives only 26mm of length with the 2100007 magura.

Rb Br says:

Had it installed. Works great for 5 hours then the clutch was burned. After 3 sets of burned oem plates. We looked at it and there was no free play. Contact magura and no back up from them. 3×200 euro on the clutches. 330 euro for the magura set up. Still not working and back to the cable.

What a shit company magura.

Luke Paul says:

1:52 I noticed a plate bracket that cam has on his 250 build and has them for sale

Alex Tocco says:

I like this guy,

Steve Allegrezza says:

Will it work with rekluse?

Sniper says:

Nothing beats a well lubed OEM cable, imho.

greg mulfort says:

Here is my install on my 2017 crf250r. Note that at 90 hours the slave cylinder started leaking oil. Normally I wouldn't be upset but I cannot find anywhere in the USA that sells just the slave cylinder, have to buy a whole new kit! I even have the magura number I need. @RMATV can you get me just the slave??

Maverick224 says:

Good video guys, are you restricted to using the Magura lever or can I retro fit my ARC unbreakable lever to the Magura perch master cylinder ?

DoYouEvenBraaappp? says:

I have had this exact kit installed on my 2002 CR250 for a little over a year. The perch clamp is a very cheap casting that broke within a month. The slave cylinder does not come with any sort of seal between the cap and the cylinder itself which allows dirt into the system to damage the plunger. This happened to me on my last ride and lead to a complete failure of the hydraulic system. I'm really not impressed with the quality of this kit for the price ($250). When it works, it works well, but I have had far too many issues with it.

honda cr 250 hrc says:

My clutch isn't hard to pull puffs get a ktm lol

godw1ll99 says:

finally saved up for the magura clutch and bought one now i just need to get a dirtbike.

Jonathan Douthit says:

Will this fit on a 2020 yz250 2 stroke

Andre Casanova says:

Jesus! this is that easy? so why Honda or Yamaha don't put that thing on the bikes already ,like European best brands

Stephen McKenna says:

Cool! Where was the b-roll footage of the db rider from?

Colton says:

Thinking of ordering one of these for '15 RMZ 250. Do I also need to get the mineral oil and bleeder kit, or does the kit come with oil already? It seems you bolted it one and it worked just fine, or maybe that was editing?

Joshua Corona says:

That see through carburetor is cool

Gilbert Pedraza says:

Awesome i jus did my clutch on my CR250 now i need to order one these

zigz0911 says:

I put one on my 2018 Yz250x and I love it, but I did have to add some washers between the slave and the collar to get the right free play(there was way too much).

Andre Van Eyssen says:

Litterally looking for a vid like this yesterday

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