How to fix rock chips | Ft. 10th gen Honda civic

How to fix rock chips | Ft. 10th gen Honda civic

Hey guys!! In this video I show you how I fixed the rock chips on my FK7 civic sport hatchback. I hope this video help some of you out when trying to fix your own rock chips.

This methods works on any vehicle and all you need to make sure is that you have the proper paint to match your vehicle.



Mona Jane Ocampo says:

Can I just skip the first time you sanded it out and go straight to applying the touch up paint then wet sand with 1000 and 1200 grit after?

Robert Helman says:

Did you try to use the clearcoat before you bust it out?

bigashdawg says:

Thanks man. You just helped me touch up the chips on my 06 Accord V6. Good Video

John Flemming says:

Did you use the clear coat from the touch up paint? My paint pen for my Honda has the paint on one end, and clear coat on the opposite end.

s m says:

Isn't that touch up pen the tip on the cap…isn't that to used to clean out those small scratches

John Wing says:

Thank you for this video bro. Do you think i should sand it in the beginning if there is no rust?

Baby says:

Can I do this without sandpaper?

kruno45 says:

I love Honda have had 2 vehicles but their paint is absolute garbage. Have 14,000 km on my car and chips everywhere.

Anton Cuevas says:

Thank you man, your video helped me with a scratch I had in my 2016 green civic coupe, peace from Mexico!

Dennis liu says:

Your touch-up pen is Sonic Grey. I have never been able to buy it. I scratched a line in my car. I'm very annoying


Can you list the sand papers in the order of use

Jose Garcia says:

So after paint no clear ? Cuz u didn’t show that

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