Do you have a Honda Civic with a key that won’t turn. This video will show you how to repair Honda ignition lock. You do not need to replace your Honda steering lock assembly. You do not nee to know how to program Honda key. You do no need to know how to replace Honda ignition switch. If you Honda civic steering wheel is locked and key won’t turn. Here are instructions on how to repair you ignition cylinder. Once i removed the cylinder from the ignition, I took the cylinder to my locksmith and he repaired it for $60. This job was estimating about $300-$400 so i am glad to find a reasonable way to repair this ignitions without breaking the bank. Hope this helps



Marquis Spencer says:

How exactly did you get the pin out? Put a nail in there & hit it with a hammer basically?

BunBunBlush says:

At 1:23 my car has a screw that keep the black cap in place. There is very narrow space which makes it hard to unscrew. Is there a way around this?

Bob Morton says:

I will probably need to do this soon as my lock is playing silly buggers, have to jiggle the key in and out slightly while attempting to turn it, it does turn in the end. Pretty sure its on its way out.

Doug Chapman says:

Just take the lock cylinder out by pulling the roll pins take the lock cylinder out pull the Fing wafers and tiny springs out put back together. Slapper all back together and never have this problem again. The transponder in the key is the trick to getting it to start anyway so why f with the stupid never ending failing wafers and the key that is constantly wearing.And yes The stearing wheel still locks when you turn it off and pull the key.You can take your key out while its running too which is very convient at times. I put one full rap of black electric tape at the end of the cuts on the key so that the key doesnt fall out of the lock easily. Just did this today and it works like a champ. Sorry locksmith's but this nightmare is BS AND I FOUND THE CURE. Save yourself a tow and 200 bucks buying new keys blah blah

Tyson Moran says:

Do you need a new key or anything?

David E says:

Please what model year of Civic is this?

Gerard Kenny says:

Great really helpful video.

I successfully got the ignition barrel out of my friends Honda Civic 2007 1.4L Right hand drive European model last week. I did not need to remove the ignition assembly from the car. It helps to know that the expanded rollpin is 2mm diameter x 10mm long. I sprayed some loosening fluid into the pin and let it seep in. I then ground the tip off a 2mm diameter nail and used the nail to carefully gently and only slightly hammer tap the head of the pin. This to try release any binding between pin and its aluminum retaining wall. I then followed the method shown in this video at video time circa 3:34 ie use a small fine flat head screwdriver to tap gently on each side of the barrel to open and expand that gap. This causes the pin head to gradually work its way out. It really worked great. I was able to grab the exposed rollpin head with a pliers and it pulled out very easily. The steering wheel can remain on and is not in the way. It did not deform the housing assy. It really speeds up the removal and I think is ok for an old car repair. Hope this suggestion helps save someone a lot of time getting this lock barrel assy out.

David Gonzalez says:

I'm just going to shot a shit ton of WD-40

luis martinez says:

Super helpful, just did it and saved me a lot of money.
The hardest part was the middle pin, other than that super easy and cheap fix.
Thank you!!!

BTSniper1911 says:

Thanks for the video, watched a couple from others as well. Just fixed my 06 pilot using your techniques. Saved $215 not buying the entire assembly. Didn't bother going to lock smith. Once I got the cylinder out I removed that top arm thingy, then a small hole was drilled to allow access to drive the pin out holding the end of the cylinder together. Pull the lock apart and it was easy to see which wafer had failed. Pulled that wafer out along with it's matching pair, cleaned everything up and reassembled. Worked great ZERO COST! Awesome! There is like 10 wafers in there, removing 2 of them is no biggie.

David Jacobin says:

nice video – my 2003 Honda Accord EX is very similar but there is a 4th screw in the back to get the second cover off (green in your video, grey on my vehicle)…clearance is about 3/4 inch, even smaller than any bit I have. Had to stop the job today to get an offset screwdriver and going to try tomorrow. Looking forward to finishing this out using another video showing how to knock the rest of those pins out 😛 wish us luck

fp2p&b w/popcorn says:

Thanks man! Getting the pin out was tricky but this helped me. Saved about 340 bucks

Tad Blymyer says:

Worked like a charm

Tad Blymyer says:

Awsome thanks

dtjrealmc says:

fucker been stuck in there for about 2 years.. just a min thru… now to watch this fully and hopefully this bitch starts up tomorrow

Chase Austin says:

I have a 05 accord, I have to turn the key hard and just right for the car to turn on,it’s almost like something is not lined up..
Should I just replace the the cylinder?

Vasx YT says:

Thanks for the help man

29jonesie says:

This work for an ‘04 Honda Element?

dionte says:

This happened to me last night, is there any way I can start it with a screw driver to get it home?

Gio Fuentes says:

Would this work on a Honda Civic 2013

Lowbvll says:

When I took it out it spins but when I re insert the cylinder it doesn’t turn

Jose Reyes says:

Great clip man thanks

SS NOVA says:

Just wanna thank you for posting this cheap and quick fix. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

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