How to Change Honda Pilot Brakes – Pads and Rotors – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 | DIY | Fix Brakes

How to Change Honda Pilot Brakes – Pads and Rotors – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 | DIY | Fix Brakes

Changing the front brake pads and rotors on a 2016 Honda Pilot EX-L
This video will also be useful for 2017-2021 Honda Pilots

Link to purchase the pads and rotors click here:

Replace the brakes on a Honda Pilot. Save money by DIY doing it yourself



Repairs ByDad says:

The red brake pad quiet is a silicone, will dry into a soft gasket type material. Only put red brake quiet silicone on the back of the pads, DON’T put it on the silver brake hardware where the pads are suppose to slide. Use silicone grease there, not the red stuff. Next time you pull the brake pads off you will see they’re like rubber gums,

JOE Hyundai Tech says:

if your changing the rotors its ok to use a metal BFH and you can hit it anywhere as we say in the trade

JOE Hyundai Tech says:

you need a impact driver for those screws now it has to be drilled out

JOE Hyundai Tech says:

every diyer should have a long 1/2 drive breaker bar hft has a grate one and its lifetime

Joe Pah says:

This video made me laugh.. it's fine but it reminded me of Mutual of Omaha Animal Kingdom show.. Now we have Jim trying to loosen the tiger's grip on his throat……

Edwin Bechstein says:

Just to add one thing to your video. When you push the pistons back into the caliper you need to be careful and not overflow your brake fluid resevoir. Keep an eye on the level of that resevoir as you return the pistons back into the caliper.

Kenneth Grutter says:

The "phillips screw" that you had a hard time with, is not a phillips screw. It's a JAS #3 screw, and is very similar to a phillips, but is not. You need a #3 JAS impact screwdriver to get it out. I'm getting ready to do my Honda Ridgeline. How are the Powerstop rotors and pads holding up? I'm told that slotted and drilled stop better, but wear faster. Torn between them, and an EBC set with smooth rotors. Thank you for the informative video.

RickRoush03 says:

Tips before you push the pistons back in, put a line on the bleed screw, crack it, push the pistons in. 1. Way easier. 2. You push out old fluid vs back into the system. 3. I’d flush your brakes as bows the best time with all new components

Mark says:

Shouldn't you bleed the brakes after reinstalling the caliper?

Kunal Khanna says:

Excellent video. My 2016 Pilot will undergo the procedure soon. Be wary that your Amazon brake pads will not last long like oem ones, especially if they r not zinc plated- if u stay in snowy area like the north east.

JesterX Fan says:

don't forget to remove the caliper pins, clean them off, and re-grease. some anti-seize on the back of the rotor will help it from sticking in the future too, just make sure you clean it off first.

Brayan Malek says:

What type of rotors you got . Any links please . And also how good are they .

Klein says:

where is the lift point on the car?

Bruce Nichols says:

How about the Torque Spec for the Caliper Mounting Bracket as well as the Caliper itself?

Ian 08 says:

Where did you find a replacement screw for the one you stripped?

L. Mo says:

Torque specs, please… (except the wheels).

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