Honda k20 k24 Oil leak Fix DIY

Honda k20 k24 Oil leak Fix DIY

Replacing my Honda vtec spool valve gasket and oil pressure switch on my k24a/k20z3 engine. Enjoy

If you want to buy…
* OEM Honda Manual trans fluid:

* LED vehicle lighting-Discount code: Gerb10

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Jacob says:

hey man I been watching ur vids for a year or more and I had eyes on getting an si for a long time… and other people on YouTube Nd seeing people rolling around in my city made me buy one finally.
I also swapped a k24a2 in my fg2. I have some questions about this car that maybe you could answer or offer advice about. What Is the best way to contact you thru email or instagram? and I ain’t tryna be annoying I just would like to learn more and everything I can about building this car and obviously the goal is go forced induction in end. You are very knowledgeable and great at explaining shit .Thanks bro keep up the videos as they help out a lot!

Alex TroutYogurt says:

Gerb you are the fucking man!!! Midnight JR just recently went into limp mode, pulled codes with hondata and pulled code p2647 Im waiting for the dealership to open back up so I can order a new solenoid, But do you have any recommendations on that specific code? I honestly just the other day was browsing through your videos hoping you had one where you took apart the vtec solenoid and todays the day!!! <3

Loudcivic03 says:

i had to plasti dip my hood and trunk yours still looking good. AMS is the best, there trans fluid made a big difference for me.

Daily Civic SI says:

Keeping midnight happy

Joshua 0. says:

Why 6 quartz? Dont the k series only take 5?

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