HONDA CR500R Bolt In Kit Install – HOW TO – 2021 2022 CRF450R Chassis PART 1

HONDA CR500R Bolt In Kit Install – HOW TO – 2021 2022 CRF450R Chassis  PART 1

As requested.. here is a how – to assembly video using our honda CR500 bolt in kit that works on the new 2021 and 2022 honda CRF450R chassis

Now you can have a DIY at home install of your 85-2001 honda cr500 engine into a new crf450r chassis 2021-2022

No welding required

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Jesse Ison-Bowman says:

Sweeeeeeet! Idea for next build; Banshee engine YFZ450R chassis single pipe single carb

Daniel Topp says:

I would be interested to see how well it holds up a torture test is in need

Erik Bodwell says:

whats the best year motor and best year chassis to use?

RIPPER vlogs Yorkshire says:

Is the Y higher on the new crf frames for the exhaust to fit through and smaller (lower down )on the old crf frames if you get what i mean so you don’t have to chop the frame so a kit could be designed to fit the old crf frame

Damien Ernest says:

Game changer

Damien Ernest says:

Fit on older cr chassis ? Please let me know just starting looking into 500 builds because I want something different from my trail 250

art lizarraga says:

Incredible task well designed you work is masterful you could easy built the best Two three and four wheel in the world ! Best of luck with this kit that eventually will evolve into another masterpiece

Michael Wayne says:

Unreal i love what y’all do

cain sample says:

I like this better than how service honda does it…so this isnt all aluminum frames? Just 2021/2022?

The Beez says:

Just when I thought I had nothing to do with all my 2021 and 2022 CRF450R chassis lying around 😉

Jason Bentley says:

That is slick!!! Great job


There is a company on eBay from the UK That sells a kit like this for short money but there is no airbox solution. Does yours have an airbox? The 2022 has a different shock body that does not allow an airbox without doing a remote reservoir shock from mx tech that costs $2400 or some other solution….how did you deal with that? What is the price and availability of your kit?

Byron N. says:

You guys must have a ton of time in designing and machining. I don’t think most guys fully understand what goes into something of this scale and quality. The 500 guys are blessed to have you guys making this possible.

Brad Powell says:

Great video! I feel this kind of conversion leaves the motor higher up than necessary though. The convenience is nice though.

scottp760 says:

I want one, are you guys going to be selling the whole bike or just the kits?

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