Honda Civic – Dashboard Lights Replacement

Honda Civic – Dashboard Lights Replacement

US►T6.5 (4x):
UK►T6.5 (4x):
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US►T10 (1x):
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US►T5 (12x):
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Zsinor Motors says:

US►T6.5 (4x):
UK►T6.5 (4x):
DE►T6.5 (4x):
CA►T6.5 (4x):

J Dolan says:

What's the size of the bulbs


i have honda civic 1998 model and i want change front headlight bulb with LED light,same parking light bulb rear light with LED. please tell me code number this light.

Nick Lucky says:

T6.5 – 4 units , T5 – 10 , T10 – 1. Am I right ?

Kc Armada says:

I did this but it didn't work 🙁

Jorge Bravo says:

Will this work for a 2017 civic?

matteo says:

is this a honda civic 1998?

guitar now says:

Usually videos with no talking annoy me, this one however doesn’t!

skorpi88 says:

Szia! 97' 6g4d D15Z6-ba kompatibilis az 5gen óracsoportja, kicserélhető rá? Köszi előre is

Engineer Creative says:

Thank you so very much sir

shah Rukh khan says:

I need complete dashboard for 95 civic

P M says:

Hi I need to change the gear light (P, R, N, D4, D3, 2) what I need to do? Can you make a video?

Benjamin Kunkel says:

Absolutly love the music. Thank you for that:) very good video

Gustavo Grimaldo says:

So buy all of these. How many do i need

Ricanfever Rodriguez says:

Big thumbs up for not adding over the top obnoxious instrumental like everyone else does. Straight to the fucking point. I’m subscribing.

The Loki Files says:

I'm having this issue and the bulbs with the gray plugs are really hard to find. Here is the reference info: Bulb & Socket (14V 3W) (Socket:Gray) (NS)

coachJ39 says:

what kind do I need for 2001-2005 AC buttons? I want to switch them to red LEDs

Doğukan Şenel says:

Thank you so much

Lauren Cardo says:

excellent video! Now i know exactly what I need to do!
I think i prefer a demonstration rather than someone talking.
13/10, would recommend!

Riveraalfonso5992 Rivera5992 says:

Quick question do I need all the items listed from Amazon to completely change my 1996 Honda Civic dx dash board lights

Toro says:

how are you popping out the bulbs so easily all mines are stuck or i just have bad grip

Makoy's Garage says:

Can you please give us the size and pieces tnx very helpful

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