Honda Civic CVT Fluid Change DIY Maintenance Guide 10th Gen Transmission Service 2016-2020

Honda Civic CVT Fluid Change DIY Maintenance Guide 10th Gen Transmission Service 2016-2020

Updated video with filter change:

DIY Honda Civic CVT transmission service guide involving fluid change with genuine Honda HCF-2 fluid. This preventative maintenance needs to be done every 30k miles for 10th gen Civics.

HCF-2 Fluid 5 quarts:

HCF-2 Fluid 1 quart:

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@Sals_Garage says:

Replace both CVT filters as well!

@atifkm09 says:

Great to the point explanation..

@raczyk says:

Do you check oil levels via check bolt when engine is hot or cold or warm? Read CVT oil expands 10% when hot.

@raczyk says:

Can I just drain and fill back the same amount of CVT oil which came out?

@raczyk says:

4.8L came out of the CVT drain plug, what next?

Does CVT transmission oil expand in volume if it is old and dirty?

My 2017 civic now has 190K km on it, and bought it used with 30K km on the odometer. First CVT oil swap I'm doing and think I may had my car slanted forward as when I drained the oil, 4.8 litres came out. Manual says to drain and refil with 3.5L.

Can I just drain and fill the same amount which came out?

Now I only have 4 litres to refil the car with. Do I simply use the 4 litre and add 0.8L of the old oil I've taken out? I don't know if the old dirty oil expands in volume. And I'm hesitant to use the check bolt if indeed the CVT volume expands or the car is not leveled properly.

What do you think?


@timothylee2772 says:

Can you do the check bolt first before you turn on the engine and do the shifting of gears in 3-5 seconds intervals?

@chorne2k says:

So "Shift and Hold" means I have my foot on the brake the whole time while shifting through the gears or are the front wheels turning?

@raczyk says:

If the CVT fluid has not been changed for 150K km's, is it safe to swap, or leave it as is? Read if it has not been swapped for a while and fluid is swapped the CVT transmission can begin to slip.

@Notaslave1961 says:

Use a little hand pump and suck it out of your bottle into the top full level port.

@okzzvil7617 says:

Bro ! where is your back up for the plastic ramp. This is lack of common sense.

@Pwn3540 says:

To get to the fill hole you definitely had to take the air filter box first, right?
Just bought ny hobda civic sport 2021 but i dint immediately see the fill hole

@Pwn3540 says:

Will this work on a Honda Civic Sport 2021? I'm unsure if thats also 10th gen

@rajfell says:

Don't forget to change two filters. One next to filing cap and one in the pan

@phantomsession9869 says:

Idk why shops are trying to charge me over $380 to do this
This appears to be easier than doing an oil change
And that in itself is easy already

@billballoo7881 says:

You splashed your gf

@maurice482390 says:

As a civic owner thanks for making the easiest DIY vids

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