Honda ATV TRX70 Gets a Seat Repair and Seat Cover Upholstery Pt.3

Honda ATV TRX70 Gets a Seat Repair and Seat Cover Upholstery Pt.3

The original seat cover and foam on this 33 year old Honda ATV TRX70 is in need of repair. Follow along as I replace a missing section of seat foam and replace it with new high density foam. Once the seat foam is shaped and looks good, we can then install a new seat cover.

This is my first time doing upholstery repairing and covering an ATV seat and I am very happy with the finished product. Hopefully this gives you the confidence to tackle this job.

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Jairo Gonzalez says:

Awesome work……

G M says:

Original seat covers doesn't have stiching instead its like plastic sealing

Jake Davis says:

Nice job! Looks like that EBay link is dead, do you happen to know the name of the vendor? Thanks!

Octavio Diokno says:

This is great very informative

KonaRider121 says:

That seat looks mint. I did the same to a Honda trx quad, the seat cover had split but the foam was okay though. Before fitting the new factory honda seat cover, I covered the seat foam in a pelt of sheepskin, basically like what you did with the layer of white foam ( i had to shear it around the edges so I could get a few staples in to the seat base lol). Then i fitted the factory seat cover over it. The seat looked kind of puffed up but it worked well

Steve Liebig says:

Awesome video! Thank you!




I LOVED THOSE 3 WHEELERS AS A KID BUT NEVER HAD ONE – I WATCHED A VIDEO BY FORTNINE RECENTLY ON THE DANGERS OF THEM AND WHY HONDA STOPPED MAKING THEM – watch out for the little guy – i have 2 little dudes of my own,wouldnt want to see any harm come to them

edbro Aotearoa says:

Fantastic job, just did mine with expanding foam, bread knife, p40 sand paper and a standard hand gun stapler using 12mm 140 staples. Thumbs up and it really does make a bike look a million bucks.

John Hutterer says:

The link that you provide to the supplier of the seat cover is no longer valid. Your video is being used to illustrate how to install a seat cover, on a website that is affiliated with an Ebay seller called gumtwo32. Can you tell me if this is the seller that you bought your new seat cover from? The cover that you show in your video looks to be really good quality, and I would like to make sure that I would be buying from the same seller.

25BEDFORD says:

Cut like a bread knife..

Reg Lockhart says:

Great video, gives me confidence to repair my ATC70 3 wheeler seat here in Scotland, you mentioned you would mention where cover was purchased, can you let me know.

flymedicfire1 says:

Great job.
I have 2 honda aquatrax waverunners that need seat covers and foam repair.
I hope to be able to get it done

Andrew Raymond says:

The link for the seat says it can’t be found on ebay. Any chance you leave more info on who the seller is or maybe what the price was? There are many on eBay but want to buy a quality one. Thanks bro. Loves this entire project. Just finished mine.

Sean Oliver says:

Great job I have a seat for Polaris 98 that needs major rebuilding to it including form…not sure how Im do it tho.

YHRIM says:

Wow… you got a GREAT price on the HD foam… *Anyone have a good source for foam??*
I can't find any that isn't at least $30+ just for 3 inch thick. I need to make a simple rectangular seat, but at the costs that I can find, I can buy a premade seat cheaper than buying the foam and making my own.

R Lyle says:

This video REALLY helped! Thanks!

Timothy Pinks says:

What size staples did you use? Have any issues with the staples penetrating the plastic?

TheCajunplayboy says:

I would recommend MONEL stapels. They are not cheap but the will last longer than stainless. Good job bro.

Troy Mintz says:

Very good, thanks for the Video, helped alot !!! But JOE BIDDEN IS AN IDIOT !!!

Zane Koeger says:

Well done video! Great tutorial for someone who has either a slight question or has never done it!

Larry Rosa says:

turned out great !

SquillyMon says:

I suggest using a variable speed drill with a sand disc on it. An angle grinder is far too much machine…in weight, speed, maneuverability, aggressiveness, you name it. Nice job tho

alex ganndof says:

glad i chose to watch this tutorial first. it definitely answered every question i had to get this done.

Miss Ruth says:

hi there – the link for the seat gives me an error – can I ask for you to check that ? we have an old Honda ATv that needs a new seat cover and I really liked this video, makes me think I could do this.

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