EASY Honda Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Repair – No Special Tool – Civic Acura CRX CRV

EASY Honda Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Repair – No Special Tool – Civic Acura CRX CRV

Here is an EASY WAY to replace a Honda Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Repair with No Special Tool.

TIP NOTE: After doing this, make sure to get an alignment. Also I like to add…. If you can, DO ALL of the bushings then go and get an FULL alignment.

This trailing arm bushing repair will apply to:
Honda Civics 1989-2000
Honda CRV CRX 1997-2001
Acura Integra 1990-2001

It is very common for the trailing arm bushings on older Honda Civics Civic CRX CRV and Acura Integras to degrade and break through time.

Honda wants to sell you the entire control arm, but you can buy a new set of aftermarket bushings. In this video you can fix up your rear suspension with no special tool.

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Tommy Nikon says:

So, "ONLY" five fucking rusted bolts from hell….before a successful removal, right? And I haven't even watched the video yet. Be sure to say….PRE-SOAK w/ WD-40
for 6 months prior to removal. Literally today, (2021-07-2021) picking up my '99 Civic for a non-related repair: I just got quoted (for a strictly BUSHING)= rear arm replacement……$923.00 They are telling me about 2hrs. per side, 4hr. Labor, and about $150/parts. Again, NO r.arms- just the bushing. -Metro Seattle

angelisone says:

ATG, Honda, pros, you & I are correct, that one should hit from the inside out.
As the same time Jordan Bronson made two little slices, resulting less energy to smack it out from the inside rather than outside.

You main task & if you are lucky that those 4 bolts on the comenpsator arm are not seized & rusted.

danstephens69 says:

I have always just simply tapped the bushing From the Inside with a hammer in a extension. It just pops right out after three taps

Vince Allen says:

Thanks for this great video. We had trouble getting the bushings started in the holes. Would hit one side and the other would come out. Our solution was using a strut spring compression tool to squeeze them in some, then pound them in the rest of the way. The tool kind of deforms the rim of the bushing, but as you pound it back in, it returns s somewhat to normal shape.

Mikethestoneman Barber says:

I see you didn’t Measure the 11 or 12 mm it’s supposed to be

Jim H says:

I have done a couple of these, even bought the Honda tool for this job, Never like that the tool presses this bushing out to the inside of the arm. There is a taper and pressing it out to the outside is a better choice. Never thought about cutting the old bushing like this. Worked a lot better than the Honda tool for the job. I did use the tool to press the new bushing into place.
Good suggestion.

Liam Duval says:

Everyone bitching about rust never works on Asian vehicles

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