Diagnosis & Test HONDA CIVIC Back-Light Switch | Fix it Angel

Diagnosis & Test HONDA CIVIC Back-Light Switch | Fix it Angel

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1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Honda Civic Manual Transmission
CIvic Clutch Replacement https://youtu.be/aJg7Q7UqVK4

Neighbor states that rear brake lights do not work. He had replaced the bulbs and still it does not light up.
I tested the fuse for power with test light and fuse is good. Then I removed the back-up light switch at the transmission and tested it. It tested good so I just cleaned the connectors of oils.
Installed and the lights now work now.

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Lucas Melgarejo says:

I had the same problem with my Ford Focus, I cleaned it and works for a short time so I replaced that switch and problem fixed. Saludos de Argentina!!!

Earl A. says:

94-97 best years of Honda.wife had a 97 Accord for her first car.., easy to maintain & was handed down to relatives

Pavel Melendres says:

Nice to see you back….. god bless you and your family Angel…. best reggards from Bolivia

Omed Bakr says:

هةلاو مستةرمايكل دةس خؤش

Murray ndumba says:

Good to see you back my bro the lord is in control you blessed that's one thing you shouldn't forget….keep up the good work

Ayad abd alrheem says:

رحمه الله والديك

Bear G says:

Good to see you guys back…and WOW your song sure has grown…and corrosion will make silly thing like this happen..Hello from Florida..

jrojas3878 says:

Welcome back

Stephen Morrissey says:

Miss my '98 Civic hatch. Rusted away in the salt belt.

Anthony Lovato says:

Awesome video, thanks for sharing your knowledge Brother.

Richard Pedroza says:

You back Angel? Sorry for your family loss. Pops is still with you wanting for you to do what you do best and make yourself happy. A loved one is never gone just away for awhile.

Cristian Escamilla says:

This man is a super mechanic for real.

mothana adeeb says:

Hi dear
I frome iraq
I very love u

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