Coilover INSTALL on my $900 Honda Civic! | Low and Slow

Coilover INSTALL on my $900 Honda Civic! | Low and Slow

My Budget Build Honda CIvic continues with my FIRST major modification! So in today’s video, we install the TruHart Street Plus Coilovers and dial in the ride height. Lowering a Honda Civic is nothing new, but never gets old! Let’s GO!

In my 5 Things to make your Underpowered Honda more fun to drive video, lowering the car was on top of the list! There’s just something about a lowered Honda that makes them so much better. So I decided to go with the TruHarts AGAIN because I genuinely think they are the best bang for the buck. Jason joins me again to help with the process and show you how to install coilovers from start to finish. I wanted to make this video more educational, but it ended up being entertaining as well. At Least I think so haha.

We found that adjusting the coilover off the car is much much easier. Measure twice, install once. Give yourself a good starting point using your old suspension as a starting point, then adjust down as needed. Once on the car, weight will change and springs will settle. At that point you can make your small adjustments. Overall, I want to say we lowered the car 2.75 inches in the front and roughly 2.5 in the rear. Giving it a slight rake. Some slight fender liner rub, but nothing I’m concerned about. Next up is going to be the wheels to bring the look together.

So you might be thinking, what’s the difference between cheap vs expensive coilovers? And where do the truharts sit in the pack? There is such a thing as too cheap, I try to stay away from suspension parts that seem too good to be true. Cheap coils may bind, leak, creak, or provide bad ride quality. Expensive ones will obviously give you more adjustability and are made of higher quality materials. I think the TruHarts are the best mix of quality and affordability. The only thing they lack is dampening, but for me, that’s not needed. Adjusting the preload and height of the car is good enough for me!

Hopefully this coilover install video was helpful! Stay tuned for more Civic content! Thanks for watching.

Here’s some links below, TruHart does run sales from time to time, so prices may vary!

Check out the TruHart Website:

TRUHART StreetPlus Coilover System for 92-00 Civic/94-01 Integra:

TruHart Street Plus Coilovers on Amazon::





We’re the same measurements used on the rears?


what's the outside diameter of OEM Civic EG EK struts?

Fire In The Hole says:

@ALLDAYANTHONY is alignment necessary after installation of coil overs?

edgar muro says:

Did ever need a sleeve fitting for front coilovers to fit the stock fork

Chris Dempsey says:

What spring rate did you run ? And how did they ride ?

H D H says:

Does a car need alignment after installing lowering coilovers?

CC Chodkowski says:

Nice changing the coil overs but you didn’t video while you had the car up and wheels off going over the brakes. It seems you only spend money on cosmetic items and don’t worry about safety items. As long as the car sits right there’s no need to worry about stopping.

Elon Bezos Wife’s Boyfriend says:

Hey dude! How are these coils holding up? Debating between these, tein street basis z, and godspeed mono ss

Lorenzo Arroyo says:

Hi Anthony did the tires rub on the fender when you did the turn ?

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