96' – 00' Honda Civic – How To Install Tail Lights

96' – 00' Honda Civic – How To Install Tail Lights

96′ – 00′ Honda Civic – How To Install Tail Lights

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Brian Johnston says:

GREAT vid bro!

FroztiProductions says:

do the stock 99-00 lights fit 96-98? And are all the bulbs the same?

Six Outta Ten says:

Thanks for posting this dude! Super helpful! Hopefully my new tails come today!

Jose Tovar says:

What are thoes tail lights called

Wesley says:

Nice car dude, looks awesome

Lane Games says:

I like how uncut you are about your mistakes, originality is the key. subscribed!

FA1 Fatboy says:

You shoulda gotten em1 tails woulda looking more clean but I still like your car

Hangin' With Shabba says:

What part of Ohio you from ?

Jose Ayala says:

Going to help a lot! Thanks for making this video!

Rashaud Brown says:

Where did you get your sticker made for your friend who passed away?

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