2016-2017 Honda Accord — How to Install Front Bumper

2016-2017 Honda Accord — How to Install Front Bumper

Step by step how to put the front bumper back on a 2016 2017 Honda Accord.

How to Remove Front bumper — https://youtu.be/9x7kKvRQqxU
Plastic Bumper Clips — https://amzn.to/2Yl7ctd



john jkizer says:

Thank you so much for the detailed video, so helpful, would you say getting to lower tabs under the bumper is kinda difficult to align since it kinda moves. Thanks again

WizOWash V says:

Fantastic! Thanks so much. Will this be the same/similar process for a 2014 Honda Accord?

ken ark says:

what's the name of the gallon on top of the splash shields

Draxogn says:

What is that black container-looking part that is in front of the driver's side tire at the beginning of the video?

Katlkut says:

Please do I need to remove the bumper for installation of box resonator of 2017 Accord? Help!

Delvin King Jr. says:

Can you use the same clips you used to take it off or you have to buy new ones ?

Lance Miller says:

nice video!! where kind I find a diagram, that shows all the black plastic pieces go together, Snow tore off all the plastic !

Lance Miller says:

thanks, bought some bumper clips

Charles Hawkins says:

I took off my bumper and tried to remove the lower air dam assembly. So hard to do and I just gave up. I tried to remove it because I wanted to sand it down and paint it. But forget it. I am just putting it back together.

Jorian Micor says:

Awesome video man. Question! If I want to replace the grill portion, is it necessary to take off entire bumper?

Juanito5to says:

I hit something on the highway and I need to replace my bumper where did you get your bumper from or do you know of any place online where I can order the front bumper so I can do it myself watching your video

Zadean Robinson says:

Can you do for the rear bumper please

Erica Campbell says:

gives me some hope after being in an accident – i rear ended a car saw the brake lights and didn't hit the breaks fast enough, my hood is bent, the grill is broken and the bumper is banged up. This gives me some hope that the car is savable (my air bag in steering wheel did deploy) its a 2014 honda accord sport and im praying that they don't call it a loss. the engine ran like normal didnt leak anything and when i did hit the brakes the car dipped down so impinge that it saved the engine, even the tow guy was amazed that it wasn't leaking

Akshay Shetty says:

Hi, Great work. I need some help with another video of yours. Its regarding aiming of the lane watch camera. Please advise the height and width of the template. Also what distance does it have to be from the car for accurate aiming calibration?

temaniwhite says:

Can you do a video on installing a 2013 civic bumper?

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