'Shift to Park' The BEST Fix for GMC Acadia, and it's FREE

'Shift to Park' The BEST Fix for GMC Acadia, and it's FREE

The actual fix is at the 9min mark.
I first tried several other methods suggested here on YouTube, and found they didn’t work. this fix is different, and so far everyone who has done it has reported 100% success.
Alternatively, you have just replace the microswitch by itself, Omron D2HW-BL221H. However, With the success of this repair, I see no need myself.

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If your Gm vehicle suffers from the dreaded “shift to park” error, check out this video on how I was able to fix the problem, and the best part is, its free!
The car is a 2017 GMC acadia, should bt the same fix for all 2017-2020 acadia as well and the traverse, enclave, malibu, ATC, volt, camaro,



beefyply says:

Do you think you could just connect the blue and black wires together instead of the jumper? Then you are dealing with just the switch and not the 4 wheel drive switch or the gps or anything else that connector is used for.

shawn penick says:

Fixed, validated immediately once grounded! Thank you

Duck Mcgee says:

Is their a recall?

Car Guy says:

https://youtu.be/BFuxtSAD87c this is a tear down video of the microswitch causing the shift to park error message

Colby Wright says:

Just tried the fix. Hopeful this will be the solution we’ve been looking for for a couple years now. Thx.

Chris Popiel says:

My wife has a 2017 GMC Acadia with this problem, the shifter was replaced under warranty and this fixed the problem for a while. It started acting up again of course out of warranty so I installed the jumper fix that GM came up with it also worked fine for a short time then starting acting up again. Just followed "Exotic's Car DIY" fix the only thing I did different was I used the jumper GM #84733196 fix and used a 3M quick splice to join the blue and black wires on the jumper. So far it works perfect as it says in the video the gps can be used when the car is moving.
Thank You Exotic Car.

Scott Frederickson says:

Any risk of overheating or fire shorting it out?

Jeremy Schmidt says:

Thank you for the video! I just finished the fix. I took mine to the dealership while it was still under warranty. They added a jumper harness that feels like it has a capacitor in it. Their fix worked for about 6 months (took me to just outside of warranty). I removed their jumper harness and am using your fix instead.

Mohsen Almakrami says:

Will this work on chevy traverse 2020??

Breanne Beyer says:

Congrats on figuring out what the dipshits at the dealership have not been able to for last 4 years. SMH. They replaced my shifter just before my warranty ran out and of course it did it again the same day. A few months later when had time to take it in again they said if they tried another way to fix it would be $500. GMC has issued service warnings without a solution but no recall. Such BS.

Derek Byler says:

Just did it and so far so good..the only issue I see is it resets the awd every time you start the car it will switch it to 2wd but I can live with that

MrFullcount13 says:

Dang! I was already nervous about trying a fix from a different video that just stabilized a little rocker pin under the shifter knob, but this! This I can only imagine the trouble I'll get into breaking it down THIS far! I'll have to give my wife some money and tell her to stay gone shopping, cause if she were to see it completely torn down like that, I guarantee even if I did fix the "shift to park" problem, she'd hear some little noise later on and be like, "See! I knew you were gonna break something when you took it apart!" 🙂 Good video though bro! Wish I had your confidence!

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