LB7 Duramax | GMC Sierra 3500 Drive Shaft Center/Carrier Bearing Install (Without a Press)

LB7 Duramax | GMC Sierra 3500 Drive Shaft Center/Carrier Bearing Install (Without a Press)

LB7 Duramax | GMC 3500 Crew Cab Long Bed Dually: Drive Shaft Center/Carrier Bearing Install (DIY driveway mechanic special). I used basic tools I had laying around the shop to remove and tap on the bearing. Removal would have been a bit easier had I found my chisel earlier in the video!

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Symptoms of Bad Carrier Bearings and U-Joints

Vibration Under Acceleration. If the carrier bearing loosens, it can separate from the bracket and clunk as the driveshaft spins. …
Spinning or Grinding Noise Under the Vehicle.

🔴 Playlist: “Project LB7 Duramax Spool Up”
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Doug B says:

Hey Dude I retired millwright, heavy duty mechanic. Someone taught you "old school, And ability to think out of box! Kudos Buddy! You are next Gen of few "rare" breeds. i remember 70's oil patch days replacing huge draw works bearings. I was learning ropes from one of the best (oh the stories!). Your video shows you fit the era decades later! "Freeze the shaft",, warm the bearing. And don't jam it! Heh! You are the next master mechanic who will figure anything. They don't have certifications for same, as masters are never afraid to fix anything using smart principals, "and not afraid to ask"! End result? It works! Perfect! I'm 67 & built my first 10:98 1/4 miler @ 18. Help from Old Schoolers! From

JG says:

Great Video. I'm slowly cutting away that last piece w/ a grinder using Diablo wheels & it's not even budging yet, I do not want to cut into the shaft lol.

Eagle Passs says:

Dang bro you earned that1

Rich Young says:

Awesome job, thanks for sharing

Richard Anthony says:

great video! im putting a one piece driveshaft in this weekend so i never deal with the bearing going out again lol

Salvador Bisconde says:

Nice video sir! May i ask how did you noticed the vibration back when you had that bad center bearing or the rubber that surrounds it, was it during high speeds or low speeds? I'm suspecting that part of the driveshaft of our old van because i felt vibration recently. But i only felt it when i give it a heavy/sudden acceleration. Thanks for the great video!

Terry Washburn says:

I was told, by a professional, that after replacing the carrier bearing to start the 2 bolts but leave em loose. Then go back and forth a few times, then tighten the bolts. It sets the bearing straight. I had some noise after replacing mine, did that, and everything is fine now.

David Denson says:

Good video and dug the heavy music. Do you think a steel rated hacksaw would cut through when taking off the old bearing? Of course I would get a couple of extra blades in case they are needed. I just do not trust my hand grinder or a sawsall…afraid I will hit the shaft itself no matter how careful I might be…grind disc or might slip or something. Exactly how long did all of this take you btw?

Jun del Rosario says:

Sir my trailblazer 2014 has no cross joint fittings, how can I put grease on it, please help

Fred Jones says:


Ohnij 3D says:

next time that bearing goes, get your local driveline shop to make you a custom 1 piece aluminum shaft. best thing i ever did to my truck. waaay smoother especially on take off if your towing huge loads.

Charles Smith says:

Nice video good info and thorough thanks

Joshua Ingersoll says:

When putting the bearing on its better to get a pipe with an ID big enough to match up with the bearing race, then you can pound down from the top instead of the side to side pounding down motion in the video. What you did could screw up the bearing ID.

Thrifty Garage says:

Looks like a ton of work. I admire your persistence. I do most of my own vehicle maintenance, but I watched one video where the guy really struggled with a 20 Ton press and I decided I’d let the guys that do it day in and day out handle it.

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