How To Use Aftermarket Patch Panels To Fix Major Rust.1948 GMC Part 4.

How To Use Aftermarket Patch Panels To Fix Major Rust.1948 GMC Part 4.

Hi Folks! Today we are going to remove and replace the complete outer cowl panel on the 1948 GMC. This installation is the same for any 1947 to 1954 Chevy or GMC truck. I’ll be using an aftermarket replacement panel, which can present some fitment issues. In order to minimize any potential problems I will be refitting the door yet again prior to welding. Also, I will show how I eliminate factory lead seams so that less bodywork is required to smooth out the joint.

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Bowen S says:

Great to watch. Thanks.

tires2burn says:

My truck started out like yours, keep goin.

B.S. Adventures says:

Looks good.

B.S. Adventures says:

I hear you on slamming doors on old cars.
I have to tell my friends as they get in my old truck “DO NOT SLAM THE DOOR”

Bruce Chumley says:

CONGRATULATIONS on snagging the lead in Fettuccine's renowned "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter." We'll send roses on opening night. PS: Where did you source the good patch panels?

Welder Bob says:

bring in some hookers.

southsideronnie says:

Nice work Kyle!

Fred Jones says:

congratulations on your lead role , don't give up your day job yet

juice1999 says:

I think the cab corner replacement production will be every bit as satisfying as the Alfredo Fetuccine rendition of "I can't believe its butter" opera. lol Thank you for the content & keep up the good work.

piet mondrianstudent says:

Maybe CWM will lend Dean to you for a few episodes…that'll help : -) Oh ya, nice metal work.

Dennis Nomer says:

As it happens, yesterday I was watching ColdWar fit up his Rover door, then later help his friend with some panel fab & repair on an old Lincoln. I like those guys, (ColdWar Motors), but my take on it is that they are more timid and not in the same league as you on metal work. They do a lot of interesting things, but I do not see them attempting the kind of metal work projects that you do. One of the interesting things about your videos is that when it comes to the work, the sped up video makes it look like you are a super aggressive dude on a big hit of methamphetamine combined with a high dose of Adderall. Of course, we appreciate the sped up video, and that technique is used by a large group of successful YouTubers across multiple categories, but still it gives a vibe of blasting out the work in no time. At this point, most of us repeat viewers are accustomed to your self-deprecation and prediction of doom, so we just brush it off. Meanwhile your excellent discussions of strategy and the why of it is quite helpful for those of us who actually do some of this stuff, but are not in your league.

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