How to Replace Seat Covers in a Chevy or GMC Truck Easy Project

How to Replace Seat Covers in a Chevy or GMC Truck Easy Project

Repairing and or replacing the seat upholstery is a simple job for any skill level.
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Danny Compton says:

That German spec for torque….. Goodnentight…

Jeremy Warren says:

Where did you get the seat covers from ? I need to do mine on 2009, I can't find oem cloth seat covers. Thanks

jon poole says:

Where did you purchase seat covers and what was cost?

Kevin Smith says:

Enjoyed the video, would you be willing to share the brand of cover or any other information on what you put in? I am looking for good replacement covers not 'covers' and cannot seem to find what you installed.
Thank you.

Cnoevo Adventures says:

i gotta switch out the seats in my car this summer , putting a set of leathers in but i gotta reprogram my airbags , dang mitu

V Z says:

Damn dude you're a beast, really well done. You should open your own shop some day

old man in the shop built not bought says:

I didn't realize the seat covers were that easy to change

Monty Holland says:

Tight fit, grumble mumble and it's done…. Great little project.

Monty Holland says:

You should also start a side channel, teaching, illustrating proper electrical hookups and tips. Just a thought. With your eye to details and great video style…. I believe it would hop off fairly quickly.

Darren Swails says:

Nice video i have an old (95) f150 i want to try to take the back seats out of an old Lincoln and recover the truck bench with.

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