How To Replace Oil Pressure Switch 1992-99 GMC K1500

How To Replace Oil Pressure Switch 1992-99 GMC K1500

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Oil pressure is the lifeblood of any engine. The last thing you want to do is run your vehicle while oil pressure is low. Even if the oil is at the appropriate level, low pressure situations can still occur! This video shows you how to install a new oil pressure sensor on your 1988-2002 GMC K1500.

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depdark1 says:

Can you link the special socket ?

gary poinsett says:

Wheres it at on a 90 full size blazer?

Miguel Plascencia says:

For $60 you buy a(harbor freight) specialty wrench SAE set they are stubby and thing and you can take off the sensor and the brass fitting so you can put teflon on the brass fitting too. Idk why but my brass fitting was bent so it was impossible to put back on and it was difficult to take off because it kept moving under the distributor, I went to junk yard to get one (pick your part). Some people would say just take the distributor off it's a easy job, but then you have to put it back on timing and either you buy a timing gun a get a friend that knows what he's doing to help you put on time or you pay a shop to set your timing for $60

massive yeetage says:

I used vice grips on mine …but my oil gauge is still reading 0 at idle qn it only goes up to around 10/15 when I driving it anybody know what the problem is?

Paul Hoffmann says:

How long did you end up cutting the video before you got that new sensor started? Cuz it took a LONG time for me.

Jim Wimmers says:

thanks. i would have liked to see the switch part where socket meets it

Wayne Williams says:

@hectorlopez…is this better than putting a manual guage in it

Hector Lopez says:

You make it look easy thanks for the video

Brian sabado says:

I have a problem I but the special socket but it doesn’t fit the sensor in my truck but it does in the replacement I have I need help my truck is a 1992 Chevy Silverado 4.3 v6

Brandon Crawford says:

Would this switch cause my fuel pump not to turn on bc at the moment my truck isn’t getting fuel and the fuel pump isn’t turning on unless I straight wire it to the battery. I’m ab tempted to just straight wire it to a power source or switch and throw a fuze on it and call it a day

samantha cooper says:

Omg I hope it's that eaay

Patricia Diaz says:

Very Cool!!! Thank you. It makes it a lot easier to see how its done vs trying to figure out how to do it. I have a 97 chevy 4X4 1500 5.7 . My truck shuts off while I'm running. Lately it seems to do it when I get fuel. If it shuts off on the road I have to move over to put it in Park & let it sit for a while. Today was the first time I've noticed that my oil pressure gauge goes down to zero when I try to start it. So how did you know it was your oil pressure switch?

tudo cervera says:

nice work…

Daniel Wynn says:

Socket size would help

Daniel Crier says:

Is it true that the oil pressure senderswitch plays a role in the operation of the fuel pump? Like if it's faulty or starting to go it'll cut power to the fuel pump? I've read this but found no straight answers. I have a 93 Chevy suburban 5.7 and the pump cuts out after I shut the vehicle off and won't start again, I bang on the tank it starts, I've replaced the fuel pump (this was my 2nd pump in a month and a half fyi), with a new assumby also new fuel injectors. And rebuilt the TBI unit. Still having this problem

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