How to Replace Fuel Pump 2000-06 GMC Yukon

How to Replace Fuel Pump 2000-06 GMC Yukon

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Combustion engines need three things to operate: fuel, air, and spark. If your fuel pump isn’t delivering the fuel your engine needs, it will run poorly, or not at all. Or, the pump is fine, but your fuel gauge isn’t working. Many modern pumps include an integrated sending unit. Either way, a new engineered to fit fuel pump for TRQ is just what you need. This video shows you how to install a new TRQ fuel pump with integrated sending unit in your 2000-2006 GMC Yukon.

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TRQ says:

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gfunkkowboy says:

Good job brother
My truck broke down I hit the gas tank with a hammer and it started again. Should I replace the fuel pump

Cam Mims says:

Thanks guys Just relpacedd this on my 07 Yukon Denali XL Just to find out my Fuel pump fuse blew and was the reason why it didnt want to start. But o well. My truck got 330,000 Miles. Pump was going to go out at any given day/ Night anyways. Thanks for the video

William Watson says:

I Wonder How Much is Usually Charged To Do That Job….? And How Much does an O.E.M. Dealer Pump Cost…? Just for Future Reference… I have a 2000 Yukon XL. I would Not Look forward to Doing that Job, Broke Down on the roadside
Or in the Driveway…I wonder if Some Backyard Mechanics would even Tackle That Job…it could take all day or a weekend…!
Just Curious…. BillinL.A.

Patrick says:

My fuel pump fuse keeps burning out. Is that from a short? I replace it, and it works for a while, but then it goes out again. The place where you plug in the fuse seems a bit charred. Any recommendations?

CAMARO630HP says:

Excellent video thanks for posting really appreciate it. Very detailed

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