How to Replace Ball Joints On a Chevy Equinox – GMC Acadia \ GMC Terrain Ball Joint Replacement

How to Replace Ball Joints On a Chevy Equinox – GMC Acadia \ GMC Terrain Ball Joint Replacement

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This video covers the process of replacing a ball joint on a Chevy Equinox. I removed the existing ball joint with a pickle fork and then installed a Moog Problem Solver replacement ball joint. The process covered in this video will be the same or similar on many other vehicles including GMC Acadia, Chevy Equinox, GMC Terrain, and more.
The process covered in this video repair tutorial will be the same or similar on most vehicles including U.S. and Canadian models of:
2005 – 2016 Chevrolet Equinox
2005 – 2012 Pontiac Torrent
2005 – 2016 GMC Acadia
2005 – 2016 GMC Terrain
Pickle Fork Kit on Amazon –
Moog Equinox Ball Joint on Amazon –
Other Ball Joint Options on Amazon –

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Mark Jenkins says:

Pickle Fork Kit on Amazon –

Moog Equinox Ball Joint on Amazon –

Other Ball Joint Options on Amazon –

will warro says:

my question is all through my years cars came equipped with greaseable joints and tie rods. i find it hard to excuse not continuing the very parts that never failed. is one vehicle manufacturer just went back to some stupid simple parts it might make owning a vehicle worth it. only that could never happen. they are too dam stupid to do what makes sense. like a couple of dam zerk fittings would bankrupt those money hungry vultures that stand in their showrooms waiting for their next human schit wagon to walk in and rip off. they keep blowing smoke about worthless hybrid and electric junk. tesla just schit canned to people simply because they went assuming because that CEO own a 80 foot yacht with auto pilot and gps navigation steering he could copy it into a car. which is total bs. beings a life long yacht tech you still have to be on constant alert and lookout. for other vessels, marker poles, bridges, etc. they are not without what can be serious problems. yet being on the Chesapeake bay, i have seen a 40 foot searay yacht plow into that bay bridge. all because the idiot was passed out drunk and went thinking auto pilot meant Artificial intelligence steering/ navigation. yeah well when he plowed into that giant concrete support he got his wake up call. and probably told the judge the bridge piling just jumped out in front of him. duh. no way will a car be able to see a stop sign, road or right lane closed or a traffic light changing colors. set aside any other spontaneous issue that requires a real brain to react with. tesla just don't know what the word no means. they have tried to break into the auto market for years. and why not. because the current automakers already have too much competition. its already to the point of buy a car drive it once then crush it. well we don't have 50, 60 thousand to just buy a piece of battery operated bunny junk. and ain't never gonna. they even considered putting airbags on harleys. like that ain't some kind of joke. if i had an electric vehicle and wanted to travel the country i'd have to schedule it for the duration of a frickin year. that's if i could even do it. most likely china will rule the automotive world. not because of the american brand name. nut for every single piece of junk that gets it made. try dodge caliber i owned. if i hadn't sold it. i would have spent more to own it than i paid for it. and it only had 74,000 miles and was ready for the car crusher. rust bucket total electrical malfunctioning JUNK HEAP! built by your famous Mercedes bums!

Valdeci Silva says:

Very good job.

Lyndon K says:

Thank you sir…

Amjed, moe amer says:

Very well explained step by step instructions. Thank you.

david harris says:

Its great to watch someone who knows what he's and doesn't sound like he's talking to idiots. thank you, it was very helpful

Tiffany Shum says:

Very informative video. Question though, we are replacing a factory ball joint and got the ball joint out and the top of the reveits off but the base of it won’t come out.. we have attempted : heating them up, drilling them, a punch and a hammer, air hammer. Any suggestions to get them out ?

Soaring freedom giraffe says:

Thx for the video. Remember to bend the cotter pin for the castle nut , further out of the way of the front axle boot

S10rm Trooper says:

Ratcheting wrenches are your friend, word of advice

Mike Mckenzie says:

Great video. Highly detailed and excellent dialogue.

Anonymous98 says:

This ball joint remover from Amazon doesn't destroy the seals of the ball joints, and works better than a pickle fork, if simply beating on the steering knuckle or on the lower control arm with a 3 lb. hammer doesn't encourage the ball joint to release from the steering knuckle, once the castle nut has been loosened, but not removed. This is the link –

BearCat459 says:

Just drilled out the rivets from the old ball joints. But my Moog ball joints bolts are to big for the holes. I've been told to drill out the holes to 1/2in what's your thoughts on that?

Jok3ySmurf says:

6:33 "Alright let's cut some nuts" LOL

mc&steve moo says:

Great video next time use a ratchet wrench

shawn R says:

What size pickle fork did you use?

Barnekkid says:

Good video, Mark. This is real world material.

Thereisnoname says:

Great video, hope all is well!!

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