How to install trailer brake controller 2005 GMC Sierra

How to install trailer brake controller 2005 GMC Sierra

How I Installed my REESE Proportional Trailer Brake Controller in my 2005 Z71 GMC Sierra. Reese 8508211
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Wiring harness here:
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Eyal Israel says:

Whats the part name of that white box 0:43

peanutbutterpaul says:

(*Side note) factory suggested tow weight for this year truck with 5.3 liter engine is 7500… have you towed more weight and if so how much weight and did it tow good? I ask because I'm looking to buy a toy hauler but I'm in California and smaller haulers are harder to find here.

peanutbutterpaul says:

What if my truck doesn't have that harness???

mo2058130 says:

Is there a trailer brake that comes with the harness? 05’ Yukon. Thanks!!!

Juan Dermody says:

The 40 amp fuse goes were the red fake fuse in #1 spot. This is to send 12volt power to charge a battery that some trailer have.

TBone84 says:

Do you have the additional battery in your truck? If you do, you don't need to install the fuse.

travis holzl says:

Thank you I am trying to hook mine up i didn't understand it

Redneck Garage says:

The 40 amp fuse goes to the where the red fake fuse is.. it energizes the #1 stud out of the fuse block!

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