[HOW TO] Install Lasfit Switchback LED Fog Light – GMC Canyon / Chevy Colorado (Plug n Play)

[HOW TO] Install Lasfit Switchback LED Fog Light – GMC Canyon / Chevy Colorado (Plug n Play)

The OEM fog light on the Colorado and Canyon is a halogen 5202. It doesn’t do much help during harsh weather or dark roads.

The Lasfit Switchback LED gives you two benefits, 6000k color at 30 watts for those dark roads, and 3000k color at 30 watts for harsh weather. Simply cycle the switch for your fog lights to go between colors.

Link to Lasfit Website on https://lddy.no/snv9
Search “LDplus5202”
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00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Bulb Overview & Features
02:17 – Installation
04:45 – Adjustment
05:15 – Output shots
06:28 – Coupon Code
06:35 – Ending

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Drod 559 says:

Mine don’t cycle on the same color at the same time. I have one white while the other is yellow. Anyone else run into this?

Paul Clemmons says:

Great Video. I noticed your truck has the black chin below the GMC grill. Did your truck come that way? I have a 2015 GMC Canyon All Terrain and it has a chrome chin piece. Just wondering if you painted yours?

ljcook69 says:

Does it stay on the white light when you change to the brights?

Mike Quinn says:

Any suggestions on where the dome light fuse is at?

pesto88 says:

Hey Man, did you know the fog lights have an adjustment aiming procedure too? Who would of thought?

Rick Yoder says:

On my Colorado, the fog lights turn off when I use the high beams. Will this cause the fog lights to switch from white to amber? Have you tested that possibility?

Tim Jaques says:

Just installed a set of these on my 2020 canyon. The bulbs come unlatched extremely easily. Did you run into this issue? If so, any fix for it?

David Brown says:

Hey.. thanks for this video and your video on hi and low leds. Just did the full set to my 2019 z71. Love the switchback effect.

Michael Hogan says:

In a previous video you did an install of BoostAutoParts GM Auto Fogs Mod which turns on the fog lights with the headlights. How does this work with the dual color of these bulbs?

James Lester says:

Great! Easy peasy.

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