[HOW TO] Install Airaid MIT on a 2014-2018 GMC Sierra / Chevy Silverado

[HOW TO] Install Airaid MIT on a 2014-2018 GMC Sierra / Chevy Silverado

This is a short tutorial showing how to install the Part #200-985 Airaid MIT (Modular Intake Tube) on a 2014 GMC Sierra 5.3L V8 motor. Will be similar on Chevy Silverado, and the 4.3L V6 and 6.2L V8 motors.

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Fondupot's Garage says:

Airaid MIT 200-985: https://amzn.to/2tHzZyh

Ryan McCue says:

Just installed mine on my 15. Followed your instructions and had it done with ease. Thanks for your video!

Jimmy Kimber says:

id love to know if it changes the air fuel ratio

Jeremy M says:

Sweet thanks nice video. Installed mine in less than 30 min thanks to your tutorial

Ernesto Monsivais says:

Thanks for the great video, short and on point. Just installed this with the help of your video. Subscribed.

Anthony Macneil says:

Just installed one on my 17 High Country 6.2L looks alot cleaner got part # for 2015 because they don't have # s for 16 or 17 but it fits. Also dropped in a AEM dry filter. Do you notice any gains?

Bill Luster says:

This is my next mod. Excellent video. Any noticible sound difference? Either from engine bay or exhaust?

Thanks! Bill

Ernie Colling says:

Should have shown the filter replacement that comes with the kits too.

Danny G says:

you didnt disconnect the negative battery terminal

Scott says:

Very nicely done video.  Informative without being too wordy and talking too much.  Plus, I'm glad I'm not the only one that uses the top of the chest freezer for his projects 🙂

Justin Roberts says:

Have you ever cleaned the throttle body? I just traded for a 2014 silverado and am about to install airaid tube.

Steven Lynch says:

Only thing I don't like is the oil vapor being sucked back into the air intake, after 1000's miles of driving your throttle body and intake will be wet with a film of oil. I notice this when I took off the stock air intake and installed my Tube and throttle body spacer. I'm thinking of running the oil vent tube  somewhere else.

Steven Lynch says:

I put Airaid tube with a TB spacer alone with a K& N filter #33-2135 on my 2011Denali.

Steven Lynch says:

That stock one is ugly looking.

Ricardo Ramirez says:

I really like your videos. I have a 2014 Silverado 5.3 and will add the corsa for sure. As far as the motor mods in what order should I follow yours? I can't afford to do them all at one time. Thanks man. I like everything your doing to your truck.

Jimmy Kimber says:

Anyone tried the air aid TBS with the intake? They started making the throttle both spacer a fee months ago. I have a 14 silverado with this intake and have been debating adding the TBS.

Randomsongs says:

well shit mine only came in with one hose fitting

Jeffrey B says:

Make sure to check everything in a day or so, had a full turn on the Tube barb fittings  and tightened all four clamps.

hhm911 says:

thank you for the video helped a lot , how much hp does the air aid give you?

Jeffrey B says:

Parked in the shade behind OReileys today and installed a JR Kit with red filter on my 214 Silverado . Clamping the bottom hose on first before installing intake tube made it easy for me. Moving the hose  may loosen the L fitting a little, check and make sure it is snug  . Trucks sounds and performs like should now with Intake and Magnaflow exhaust, thanks for the video

J B says:

Thanks for the tutorial  will help out a lot when ready to install JR Kit. Have Magnaflow  and RX can is next

C.edwards Lauderdale says:

Awesome cant wait to get this for my 2014 Silverado..Any other mods you made to your Rig.??

Mr. Darrell Rohe says:

Great video. Noticed any significant changes at all in sound or acceleration? Are you planning on upgrading the filter as well?

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