How to Bump stop replacement 99-2014 Chevy GMC truck, Sierra, Silverado REAR

How to Bump stop replacement 99-2014 Chevy GMC truck, Sierra, Silverado REAR

Get the Bump stops here
The bump stops on your GM trucks certainly are made from a sub par material so THEY WILL fall apart after some time. Replacing the bump stop is very easy.
GM Part 15712438..Vin match it to make sure.



Ghetto Wagon says:

IF you see an ADVERTISEMENT in this video PLEASE TELL ME. This video as been deemed NON ADVERTISER FRIENDLY for over 6 months now thanks to YouTube's new AD policy. I believe they CONFUSE Bump stop with BUMP STOCK the popular gun accessory.

Missa Gavia says:

Is not the same after 2008! 2008 gmc sierra 1500 comes with a built in washer on it and a bolt and nut that holds it


You SHOULD have gone polyurethane, brotha. I just found my bump stop, what's left of it, out in the driveway as I pulled in after getting out of work.

Ray Perry says:

noticed them rims in 1:02 and then at 3:40 you had the best chevy ever made sitting beside you šŸ˜‰

richard Torres says:

Man that ruck has like zero rust! Iā€™m jealous!

Trent Huntoon says:

Yo what are the bracket pieces the bump thing clipped into my bump stop didn't come with those

pandulce says:

Dude, yours are brand new compared to mine. I was replacing my front shocks and noticed them in the back i didnt know how they were supposed to look like so when the store clerk gave me the new ones i was kinda shocked at how messed up mines actually were.

Robbin Trower says:

"Piece of crap off, piece of crap on" Haha, love it. How true.

Peter Pa says:

Dang, I wish you would showed how you installed the jounce bump stops.

jose deleon says:

Is this why I make complete stop feels like I got rear-ended?

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