DIY Repair Major Rust on Your Car or Truck With Basic Tools and Welding! 1948 GMC Rust Repair Part 1

DIY Repair Major Rust on Your Car or Truck With Basic Tools and Welding! 1948 GMC Rust Repair Part 1

Hello. In today’s video we will begin the rust repair on the 1948 GMC truck cab. We will start off by replacing the lower door post, repairing the broken front body mount and building a new front floor pan using simple tools. It can be intimidating knowing where to start on any major rust repair project, so I will also spend some time discussing how I approach rust repair and how to avoid making devastating mistakes.

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rob frew says:

I 've done dozens of these ' 48 rebuilds, the whole process really hinges on the first panel you cut and weld in , and the way you hold your mouth ..rob, NZ

Island life says:

Really looking forward to this build.

Rick DeYoung says:

Looking forward to your build on this cab

kenny carter says:

Either my eyesight became a lot better or your video is better HD? Looking forward to more of this build! Cheers!

doug sproston says:

Wouldn't miss an episode. Gargantuan indeed. Be well.

D Webb says:

Thanks for sharing Kyle, fabulous site and content for us motorheads!

Joe Doucette says:

Hi Kyle,
Well, well, well… ya done gone and learned me sumpin. I didn't know about Dr Robert Ballard or his coining the term rusticle, which is amazing… considering where I live.
I feel cheated. I came to be entertained, not edumacated. Shame on you.
Once upon a time I MIGHT have had the get-up-and-go to tackle something that bad but my get-up-and-go got-up-and-went. Good on you.
My cat goes nuts for plastic bags too. The environment police had tried to take them all away but I have a stash just for the cat.
Have a good week. Enjoy the snow.

nicholas tattersfield says:

A challenging choice ,there will be tons of individual problem-solving which will be immediately useful applied to other projects we might have going. This truck cab is probably right on the edge as to repairable VS crusher food.

Gary Van Rheenen says:

Wow, you guys have snow already. I'm hoping not to see snow around here for another month.

John Kranz says:

Excellent start Kyle Can’t wait for part too Glad your saving it

Andreas Andersson says:

As the Neil Youngicle said; Rusticles never sleeps…

randy u. says:

Love this one as I have the same truck needing the same repair. Keep this kind of video coming!

Dennis Nomer says:

Ah, another easy one! I figure you ought to have this thing knocked out in 3 years, easy. 🙂

Rickard Johnson says:

I'm not a welder nor metal worker like you, really, dig your content. In internal thinking I was wondering if you fit the door from time to time? Thumbs Up!…..

Fig Anyhow says:

This is just masochism, Kyle. Not that I doubt for a moment that you can fix it ALL, but … damn. I love it when you refer to huge gaping holes as "cosmetic stuff".

Shadetree Mechanic Racing says:

You can't save them all, but it will live on in many different projects.

stevefamfive says:

A very ambitious project and I’m personally glad you’re willing to take all us along. Thanks.

duke luke garage says:

Love the frame jig, pretty effin smart, actually…wonder why I never thought about something like that when I was doin 70's Ford cab corners

Brian W. says:

Thanks for pointing out the workbench. I'll sleep poorer now.

Rusty Rat says:

Thanks Kyle..

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