Chevy/GMC – 4L60E Transmission Replacement – Part III

Chevy/GMC – 4L60E Transmission Replacement – Part III

In this video I finish up a transmission swap out on a customers 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic 4×4. It’s test drive time. I am installing a @Jasper Engines & Transmissions reman unit. So come along for the end of this multi part series.

Part I:
Part II:

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John Lenoir says:

I love it thank you so much for the video I did not know that you have to reset the computer

express van exorcist says:

Smurf fluid. Valvoline makes an equivalent

Broken Things says:

Are people really throwing that much shade? I mean, I own a "slightly modified" Trailblazer SS, as such, I have changed the 4L70e trans now 3 times (going 4l80e next time, really hard to find a good local builder) Other than the long 1-2 shift (which is just a TCM learning issue) I think that was a pretty solid swap, I will admit to being confused by the spec of transmission fluid (I've always used "Good" Dex6, but I guess that's year dependent? mine is a 2008) I've always had some little teeny issue after a reinstall, you did not. Color me impressed.

Bob Simon says:

You make it look sooo easy

Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks says:

great videos thanks man!

Stevie Bboy says:

Only so many bend overs in a day!

Joey Avola says:

At 15:45 bolts for the metal undercover are not tight

Phil H says:

Is it not possible to attach the transfer case to the transmission before installing it?

Joseph bradshaw says:

You really need a part time guy certified in automatic transmissions, it’s a good market because so few are good at rebuilding them.

Greg Skibinski says:

Another good job! Well done fella!

PhillLsx Ga. says:

My 2014 Silverados transfer case has auto four wheel drive and takes dexron 6.
I've changed all of my fluids..
No more advanced trac fluid…

Engineer Euler says:

Thanks for the great three vids boss. How much (on average in an area similar and close to you and for a similar but not identical GM vehicle) does the labor cost for this three episode job? and what was the rough cost of the Jasper tranny?

Up to my nuts in guts says:

What's the book time for R&R on a 4L60E,,, like 6 hours? Just curious,,, I fear this job is in my near future,,, at least I have a buddy with a lift,, can't imagine doing this in the driveway. I've done a few 5R55S's over the years,,, but never one of these. Doesn't look too bad,,, but you can bet I'll find a way to mess it up.

nelson glass says:

Your right you did milk this… a three parter

David Shellhaas says:

Thank you for another great series. Appreciate it

Timothy Rients says:

You need to point the camera out the left window when you are taking a right turn to ensure there are no cars coming that you are pulling out in front of. You know how we are with our trust issues.

C C says:

Sounded good for over 200k. It does pay to mainyain ehh.

ramdodgetruck says:

Love your stuff. Wonder why you didn't check the torque converter end play. Looked like it had a large gap before you put in the bolts. Am I missing something?

Steve O'Brien says:

i have in my mechanical career put in 4 jasper trans. every one of them gave trouble.

Jimmie Adams says:

I rebuilt one of these in school! Lol

Super Bowl 3 Winners says:

Is your governor going to put you out of business?

Peter Hodgkins says:

Another job well done!!

Av8tore71 says:

That is how it usually happens, when you need it You can't find it but when you're looking for something else you find what you were looking for yesterday

George Williams says:

For 205000 miles that thing is beautiful underneath. Well taking care of. Nice job Mr O

Josh Mindek says:

I have the same fluid pump you used to put the fluid in the T-case, and love it but it seems to squirt fluid out the back. 🙁

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