99-06 GMC / Chevy Truck or Suv Cracked Dash Repair.

99-06 GMC / Chevy Truck or Suv Cracked Dash Repair.

What is up guys. I am fixing the cracked dash on my 2005 Sierra. Check out Dashskin below for your new overlay and get rid of that ugly cracked dash. GM should have recalled their product, but here is an easy way to fix your dash and make your truck or SUV feel new again.

Dashskin link here….


Sierra accessories here


bezel replacement

cluster bezel



@xmsleepR says:

How has this been holding up? Any feedback since install?

@WillFull_Truth says:

I’m in Phoenix Arizona man I didn’t even know mine was that brutal until I smacked it one day cause I had a actuator under the dash annoying me in my cracked exactly where yours did until it eventually popped completely out a whole

@yetijoeyetijoe says:

Might be a silly question. Why foil tape? Can one use any type of tape?

@Journeyman-Fixit says:

Bullseye, thank you for uploading (I have a 2003 Sierra). Thumbs up and subbed.

@wily3226 says:

Have you found the f250 that was stolen?

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