2020 Chevrolet Silverado How to replace Ac cabin Air Filter GMC Sierra

2020 Chevrolet Silverado How to replace Ac cabin Air Filter GMC Sierra

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George Emmerich says:

Has a disfunctional left hand

Evan M says:

Good ole GM engineering over complicating things, my wife's Hyundai I have to remove two hand bolts (both turn 180 degrees) and pull them out, glove box falls out of way and there's the filter, easy five minute swap. I'm so excited to be dinking around with this on my Silverado trying to get the damper back on.

Derek D says:

Sooo ya my damper came apart as i pulled down too hard by accident, soooo be careful

Amaya Marquez says:

It helped me replace my filter on my 2020 Silverado 2500 hd, now it’s simpler to put back the glove compartment on the Silverado as it just inserts at an angle, dealer wanted $140 to replace it, Keyes Chevrolet of van nuys

Ricardo Rocha says:

Thanks for video! Makes life easier without having to look or guess it’s location.

Mitchell McCall says:

Thanks! This was short and straight to the point. I hate those videos that are 9 minutes long explaining why and theories of when to change and such. Just needed to know what to do and you explained it very well!

Quentin Ussery says:

Noice that was easy

Greg Baeppler says:

Is this a joke, at the end all you see is his hand and he can never get the "damper" gadget back in place so he ends the video. Might help if he used his left hand to try to re-insert it.

Wolfman2020 says:

This is also for the 2019 1500 Sierra. The HD Series didn't change the body style until 2020.

archer1941 says:

IMPORTANT…read this before you change the filter.
I had a mouse die above the filter, his nest and acorns etc were piled on top of the filter. When I pulled the old filter out all that debris fell down into the fan. A real bitch getting it all out.
The remedy is this…before you pull the old filter, use the box the new filter comes in and cut a piece of cardboard the size of the new filter.
Slide it UNDER the old filter, now pull out the filter keeping the cardboard in place, and all that crap is now on top of the cardboard and easy to remove. Wish I knew that before doing the job, would have saved me a lot of time and cut up hands.

Rob Gonzalez says:

Eazypeazy thanks cuz

Paul Strebel says:

Every dumbass on YouTube starts their videos standing outside the truck talking about themselves and asking to like their videos and you skip 12 minutes in to learn what you came for, not you. Thank you for your perfect video. If everyone on the planet was more like you the world would be a better place. You are the frickin man 10/10

Enso Alvarado says:

How often do you have to change it ?

David Renteria says:

Thank you for this quick and detailed tutorial brother!

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