'16 GMC Sierra In Tank Fuel Pump Replace

'16 GMC Sierra In Tank Fuel Pump Replace

In a previous video we had a look at this customers GMC that was towed in with a no start. A few simple tests showed that the fuel pump was faulty and now it is time to pop in a new one and get it running again.

Part One : https://youtu.be/Q24v28WeLFA?si=dicKypEb3EUqHNx4

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@chevjk says:

Let me get one of my boys to put some WD-40 on that for ya..

@joshmick says:

Always lube your nipples

@dcbacon1 says:

I had to put new ends on most of my gas lines, as my 2007 salt-belt Yukon had severe rust-jacking inside the connectors. I made a tool out of a wood clamp and they pressed on quite easily. Saved a lot as they were just a few dollars each.
I had only a couple of jack stands, and a long 2×4 to lever it back in place, but I drained the tank to enable it.

@brianvaughn9299 says:

You said your neighbors loved you at 6am. We opened at 7am till our neighbors complained. There was an ordnance no noise till 8am. We went to 730 and got away with it for 35 years.

@daviddamico4288 says:

Great job Eric .

@kb9gkc says:

Great Channel, well done!

@justastudentoftheworld3940 says:

the prying apparatus is a cotter key removal tool, { I'm sure you know that} the most useful tool ever. I've used it to remove vinyl siding for repair, remove grout in tile flooring, etc.

@hasletjoe5984 says:

I am shocked! I say SHOCKED! You defaced that nice SMA shirt working on a Chebby? Come on Man! Starting at 6:00 AM must give you a primo parking spot! Good to see the afternoon shift finally arrive! Thanks as always great to learn…

@frankflores6503 says:

Is anyone else screaming wire brush, vacuum , hell, blow that mess off to the shop floor. Something. Damn Eric !! WTH

@landonhall6444 says:

Wish I had a mechanic like you in my area. Skilled, honest, respectful individual. I enjoy watching you work.

@earlzerba3855 says:

I have that young was lucky his pump quit my 04 lines rusted off the pump

@SyracuseIsOranges says:

What an awful design

@iamfubar1 says:

Getting spicy with all this talk about Cracks, Nipples & Getting It On The Back End 🙂

@kb9gkc says:

Eagles are no longer endangered! Well Done America!

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