03-06 Chevy/GMC Blower Motor Resistor Install (Digital AC Control)

03-06 Chevy/GMC Blower Motor Resistor Install (Digital AC Control)

In this video I show you step by step how to Install a new AC blower motor resistor in a 2003 Chevy Silverado. Symptoms of a bad blower motor resistor are the AC blower staying on after turning vehicle off, fan speed adjustment stuck or not working, or intermittent AC operation.

This install should apply to all 2003-2006 Chevy/GMC trucks and SUVs with dual climate control digital AC controller.

Blower motor resistor:

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Dylan Vedia says:

What gauge wire is the purple one

Carlos A says:

Wat issue will it resolve by replacing that ?????? I wanna know to see if it helps with some issues

calvillocobra98 says:

What was ur problem? Cause i got a 03 escalade and the a/c only blow some cold when im driving and if i stop the cold stops too. You think this might be the problem?

wolfsmane says:

Did you ever make a video with the dash lights?

Darin Mcafee says:

Perfectly describing the process. Fixed my truck under 20 minutes. And I’m not mechanically gifted at all. Great video!!!

Jeanie S says:

My 2006 Silverado air conditioning doesn’t smell, but it stops working off and on. Had the coolant replaced and didn’t help. Compressor is fine. No leaks. The fan works fine. When the cold air stops on its own here and there, fan still going, the air seems more humid only then (when the cold quits) and smells slightly wet. It’s started the day I got it back from a fuel pump change…

Joshua korson says:

This was a very easy to follow video, thank you!

Lori Davidson says:

Did exactly what you did and now air only blows out my defrost vents in the dash? Is this common and or normal after replacement? Watched a dozen videos but no one mentions replacing the resistor first. Recalibrate? Fuses? Any advice would be helpful! Thank You!

Noe Saucedo says:

Was your ac/heater control screen displaying anything? Mine is displays something that looks like a capital letter L and a letter F. Non of buttons respond. I checked the fuses and relays, and did a recalibration but nothing changed. Would doing this repair fix my problem????

Danny Arreola says:

Wait why is your 4×4 buttons on that side? Did you make your truck 4×4 or did you just rearranged the buttons

Juanito 79 says:

Do you know if this new part also fits the rear?

Ken says:

Is there a part # on this updated resister? Great video

Ronald Reynolds says:

Couldn’t quite watch the whole thing the music distracted stopped. When it started back up I turned it off.

Daddy's message says:

Thank you, my friend. Nice video.


I replaced my climate control module and still no heat and no air.. think this could be my problem

Chris Cushman says:

If purple was just twisted and grounded out would it blow a fuse or resistor

Mario Ochoa says:

Thank you blessings

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