Throttle Body Fix for GM Limp Mode REDUCED ENGINE POWER Video

Throttle Body Fix for GM Limp Mode REDUCED ENGINE POWER Video

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Wayne's Guns & Stuff says:

What you use is carb cleaner or throttle body cleaner only. Throttle body cleaner is the best. And you don't take off the butterfly you just clean it up really good with cleaner and a brush. If you take off the butterfly you'll mess it up because it's set from the factory. And you might have to reprogram the computer. If you keep pushing the butterfly with your finger manually you're going to mess it up also you don't do that. You just do the best you can cleaning it the way it is The butterfly is set perfectly the way it is from the factory And replace the gasket always to a new gasket period and always let it dry before reinstalling. And then make sure the new gasket is seated properly period and you'll have a good clean throttle body that would work really well

Matt Sd says:

wtf? i searched for a fucking 2001 GMC C6500 how the fk did it come up with this? quit tagging your vids in heavy duty truck catg.

Rich Froster says:

You now what that's that video was perfect I'm having the same problem on a pontiac g5 Same exact problem and a car dealership wants 371,00 for a throttle body cause you can't buy the sencer .. that's man

Tim Marx says:

Im gonna go check mine now, Ive been jumpin all over putting new this and that throwing codes but i did take my old one off and had cleaned up same part from a different motor. So Ill clean the original TB see how that works … thanks.

Nathaniel Lopez says:

Spit it out man. You can probably write faster than you can talk.

Clarity Houston says:

Waiting for you to say the next word is excruciating. Jesus. Get on with it.

Jeff Skinner says:

Get with it

Mhol061720a says:

Dude, get to the point; you’re talking to slow and too much.

Salty Raptor says:

And the throttle body ha. Ha. Ha ha ha , ha and just move the ha,. Ha, ha and clean the ha, ha. Ha ok see ha ha. Ha. Ya

Terry Ray says:

Cat gets Oscar

Karrie Heys says:

So helpful thank you

TrAp LiFe TV says:

Man what is it wit the pulse words get to the point

Charles Lease says:

Next time pay attention to what you’re doing short in the video

Anna Plojharová says:

The slight open position without any power is actually a limp-home position (very limited power, controlled just by spark advance and injectors). Otherwise at idle or more the engine braking the ECU is actually closing it by applying power to the motor.

eltoro17 ! says:

Your never Ever supposed to move the butterfly manually like you did a thousand times in this video! YOU RUINED YOUR ORIGINAL THROTTLE BODY WHEN YOU KEPT PUSHING THE BUTTERFLY !!

James Goddard says:

Good job buddy. screw the duma!!es with there disrespectful comments. It helped me

Osvaldo Cortazar says:

4 minutes ? Really ?? Get the point men..

Vert Up1 says:

I have a 1999 3.8l Camaro and I'm having Alot of the same symptoms hooked a tester up it reads code P1515 throttle position sensor.. I was thinking if anyone knows more please let me know this videos helped me alot by the way

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