Step by Step How to install a Tesla Android Radio in Your Vehicle – Chevrolet Cruze Gen 1 2008-2015

Step by Step How to install a Tesla Android Radio in Your Vehicle – Chevrolet Cruze Gen 1 2008-2015

Step by Step How to install a Tesla Android Radio in Your Vehicle – Chevrolet Cruze Gen 1 2008 – 2015 (2016 limited).
Link to Tesla Android Radio –

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LaxPack says:

What shift knob are you using? Looks super nice

Just a Person Who Comments says:

Imagine installing this in an old car that does not have similar style as the video shown

TechPimp says:

I wonder if they make one for a 2016 RAV 4

sanzeN says:

So, how's it working half a year later?
Considering buying a used Cruze and this looks like a brilliant upgrade to one.

SuperAsdke says:

Im thinking of doing this, but Ill miss my CD player

Victor Declet says:

Stop saying God's name in vain and Jesus's

fAbio RoMeLe says:

Hi Matt, how do you install the original camera on your multimedia central? I'm tring to instal it but the screen is completely black

3rdET says:

I got one to but trying to see what all I need to install on my avenger

Brandon Horstman says:

Once again thank you for awesome discount on max speeding. Ross finally finishing my civic

İbrahim Şen says:

Thx for awesome content Matthew. what did you do with the old unit? If you don't need it can you send it to me? xD


Does it have apple car play

Gerardo Mendoza says:

You should do a video of installing rear camera to it

Kasy Delrio says:

Matthew Chevalier how do you keep the dash from going from English to Chinese language

Ruther Oribiana says:

Is this compatible with my cruze 2010 model ?

johnnyeatsgood says:

I'm very curious to know how this will do in winter. Touch screens are usually pretty brutal here (Canada). Anyone have any experience with this through the cold winter months?

ronelle finley says:

What’s the name of this radio?

bbydairo says:

Can u show how to install backup camera too please

Jonathan Aviles says:

A really good vid. I wonder if this radio can fit on a Chevy Spark GT 2021

Jerson Celarayan says:

If someone makes a prototype and makes it real for a person with a Chevy Cruze to put an iPad on the car.. money money

Reginal Fairfield says:

Does the radio backup camera feature

alonzo ingram says:

I have a 2010 Buick Lacrosse with same head unit wiring configuration. Did you have any wires that you did not use coming from the car to the new head unit ?

Moneybagg Ray says:

Could I do this on a 12 Chevy Malibu?

Yellow_ID says:

I would love to see an update video if you haven't done one yet. It'd be nice to know if it has android auto or not or if i can get it. Definitely something I want to do to my car

Jason France says:

Will this work on a 2013 chevy sonic and do you have a link where to purchase?

Jason France says:

Where did you purchase this from looking to buy the same one I have a chevy sonic?

TheSunnySuttons says:

Which Android did you install, was it the 2 -32Gb of the 4-64Gb version? Great video, looking to buy and install it also!!! thank you, this is very helpful.
Also, did you plugin and use the original rear camera, does it work?

Noel Vega says:

why don't I see the car Icon on the radio?

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