[SOLVED] Fix Service Stabilitrack and Service Traction Control on 2007-2011 GM Trucks

[SOLVED] Fix Service Stabilitrack and Service Traction Control on 2007-2011 GM Trucks

How to fix the Service Stabilitrack/Service Traction Control error and flickering brake lights and stuck shift lever on 07-2011 Chevy Suburban Silverado Avalanche Tahoe for less the $25. “Disclaimer As I mentioned in my video I’m not a certified mechanic just someone who did some trouble shooting and thought others would benefit from what I figured out”



JGTV says:

Just wanted to put this disclaimer out. I'm not a certified mechanic by any means. As seen in the comments, this fix helped some people and didn't help others. If this fix didn't help please consult with a certified mechanic. Thank you for all the thankful comments. For the people who are still having issues, I'm sorry but I don't know of a fix for those as I have not experienced them.

Michael Wilkinson says:

You rule ! Big help

MN Murph says:

ACDelco D1539J

M says:

This video is still helping folks nearly six years later. Saved me a mechanic bill. Thanks for posting!!

regalplanet2922 says:

Whats the name of this? Got the same thing going on and it bothers me to see it flash

Mig V says:

Thank you. Was about to take in. $28 part, also fixed my cruise control!

Stanley Kirby says:

An I drive my GMC when the stabilizer warning light is on ?

Stanley Kirby says:

Can I still drive my 2009 Sierra when stabilizer light is on ?

Jackie Ordaz says:

Yeah thats exactly what’s happening

Richard Bergagnin says:

Brother you are a savior!!! I literally got a quote from my Chevy dealer for almost 300 dollars when I bought the part my self for $18 and it took me 13 minutes all together to change. THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO!

albertnava02 says:

It worked! Very thankful for you taking the time to make this video.

stanglifemike says:

If the brake switch is faulty, there will be more problems related to the brakes than there will be problems related to traction control and StabiliTrak

M A says:

Great video!
Thank you

Trey says:

My first Tahoe had this issue…the dealership charged me $400+. SOBs.
My current Tahoe is having this issue. NOT TODAY, DEALERSHIP!!!

Wes Thomp says:

Thanks brother! Gonna try this.

Bouzeur Bazne says:

I just got my 07 Chevrolet suburban. Bro you just saved me from dishing a lot of money

Jason Connors says:

Man, I’m wondering if this could be my issue with my abs/stabilitrack/traction control alerts for my 09 GMC Sierra. My cruise control wouldn’t engage for the longest time and based on some research determined that piece to be the issue. I replaced it last summer with a new brake light sensor and within a month started getting the aforementioned alerts. I figured it was another sensor that was failing due to 11 years and 145k miles. Perhaps I got a semi faulty replacement part. My cruise control works fine now.

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