Pinion Bearings and Carrier Bearings- REMOVE & INSTALL

Pinion Bearings and Carrier Bearings- REMOVE & INSTALL

Easy removal and install with several methods depending on the tools you have at home. Pinion bearings replacement can be done with basic tools. You should usually replace the differential carrier bearings with a carrier bearing puller. Rear differential symptoms can be any of the axle bearings. Fix your pinion bearing noise with the clamshell puller, a press, or fairly simple hand tools.

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Video tools ✅
Puller kit:
Large bearing splitter:
Pinion/Carrier bearing puller:
OTC Carrier Bearing puller:
Punch set:
Punch large:
Chisel set:
Seal/Race kit:
Gearwrench side cutter:
40oz. hammer:
Cut off whee airl:
Cut off wheel electric:
Cut off wheel Milwaukee:
Jumbo sockets:
Jumbo sockets:
12 Ton Press:
Yoke holder:
Dana Diff. Spreader:

Video Bearing kits ✅
Jeep Yukon 44:
Jeep Yukon complete:
Ford Yukon 8.8″:
Ford Yukon 9.75″:
Gm Yukon 8.5″:
Gm Yukon 14-Bolt:
Dodge 8.25″ Yukon:
Dodge 9.25″ Yukon:
Gear oil:
RTV gasket maker:
Pinion seals:
Pinion yokes:
Spicer U-Joints:
2.71 Gears:
3.23 Gears:
3.55 Gears:
3.73 Gears:
3.90 Gears:
4.10 Gears:
4.88 Gears:

Favorite tools ✅
Quiet Bands:
Hub shocker:
Power Probe:
Hydraulic flare kit:
Antivibe hammer:
Pry bars:
knuckle savers:
Spark plug sockets:
Hose tool:
Chassis Ears:
My dogs favorite toy:
Auto repair for dummies:

Ultimate wheel bearing removal tool ✅
Hub Shocker:

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00:00 Pinion Bearings & Carrier Bearings
00:43 Axle tools
01:25 Axle parts
01:54 Axle diagnosis
03:20 Carrier Bearing Removal
04:15 Axle Failure Analysis
06:10 Pinion Bearings Removal
07:39 Carrier Bearing Removal
09:21 Carrier Bearing Install #1
10:44 Carrier Bearing Install #2
11:28 Pinion Bearings Install
13:27 Pinion Bearings Outer Races
14:21 Pinion Bearings Driver
16:11 Traditional Bearing Press

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capncrunch8942 dorf says:

This video shows us shade tree mechanics how to do the right thing – the wrong way! I'll be pressing on the diff carrier bearings for my new LSD in my 2009 2.5 swapped miata with an old race, a BFH, and some confidence. Thanks buddy!

snakeMD says:

I am so glad I stumbled across this video!!!! This was fabulous…all the details and techniques for those of us that don't have a press and have to go to the local auto parts store to borrow a bearing puller kit. Now I know how to use one! I have a complete center section to do in my MOPAR and with all new parts, all I have to do is the install portion. Thanks a bunch. This was a priceless video tutorial!

jim dorsey says:

Great video!!

Chris W says:

Wondering why you didn’t use your press to press the new bearings on? Are you trying to show how to do it with just hand tools?

Emilio Florencio says:

Just saw this video and you have given me the confidence to do this repair, im normally a hands on guy with experience with engine swaps and other repairs but I've always been nervous to take apart gears and bearings/races due to difficulties

UcantBeSerious03 says:

next time freeze the bearings

Bone Shaker says:

Great video. I really had no idea what the process was to remove & install the Ring & Pinion.
I was just thinking, I'd better educate myself as I'm always paying a great deal of money to get it done.
Knowledge is the Key to the Universe…. Using that knowledge is what makes Life Easier.

DarkSim77 says:

Why it be easier to use a piece of pipe and the press to press on the pinion bearing? Would be a lot easier than all that beating on the bearing.


when installing the pinion bearing, set the pinion in a container of dry ice and heat the bearing a bit with a propane torch. it will literally fall to the bottom. then re-grease the new pinion bearing. it was comical when i tried it

Milan Zagorcic says:

I really enjoy watching your videos, professional work.
Where is your shop located and what state?
I would like to bring my Honda to you

Jose Aldecoa says:

Does a 2.73 pinion use a shim

M Ritron says:

I like how you supported that bearing splitter the proper way in the press as to not bend the bolts in it. Also freezing the pinion or carrier and or heating the bearings help them go on easier or just drop rite on sometimes.

M Ritron says:

I like when the carrier has the 2 reliefs on opposite sides of the inner race you can catch the race with a 2 jaw puller in the relief area. The clam shell pullers are really nice and easy to use on pinion and Carrier bearings and now days they are priced under 150 for some brands on Amazon.

spelunkerd says:

I've always liked your explanations, this one was a helpful review. Pinion bearings in particular are intimidating because of all the discussion around crush sleeves and contact patterns. It sounds like seasoned general mechanics avoid that by getting replacement OEM bearings of the exact size and reusing the original sleeve. Likewise if axial preload is already in spec they avoid too much fiddling to adjust backlash. It would be possible to spend hours doing this and still not get it right.

Jag Riv says:

Thank you for making this process look easy. I am trying to build up enough courage to attempt to replace bearings on a GM 8.5 with a G80 locker, as it has a howling sound from 40mph.

sid ahmed says:

thank you for sharing sir,can you help me and look for what is the reason of this?

R Sexton1987 says:

Working on a fwd cobalt , lsd install

Santer Auto Repair LLC says:

Excellent explanation and demonstration video Shaun!

D C says:

GRRRRREAT VIDEO! That 1969 bearing is a Timken that's why.

Sean McGrew says:

Great video! I've got the same pulling separator, press, and seal drivers! They are great! I regularly cobble together the separator tool to use on press-fit parts on vacuum pumps. If you're creative, it can be configured to do all sorts of things.

I wonder if there are any videos you've made that go into choosing shims and setting the preload for the pinion bearing?

Matthew Harrell says:

S for Shaun! Haha. What does the S really stand for?

Forester Lady says:

Feel like I can tackle any bearing with the tools in my garage! Although you make buying a press seem like a good idea : )

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