Passlock™ System Bypass – GM

Passlock™ System Bypass – GM

Come along as I show you how to bypass the Passlock™ security system that GM used in their older pickups and cars. It is a really …



South Main Auto Repair LLC says:

Sorry totally forgot the link for you guys. Here ya go!
5k Variable Resistors, 5 Pack:

Michael Edwards says:

Hey Ray would this work on a Jaguar x type ?

J. Mark Krzystofiak says:

guess he still has the actual "key" as a anti theft measure…not like the old two key GMs where the ignition got wore out inside didn't need even the key as long as you didn't completely lock the ignition.

Jordan Campbell says:

This comment is strictly cause Mr O said so. Suppose I should go like the video too. Be right back

nelson glass says:

Crimps are great… I can see if we were going to the moon I would solder them… it’s only a truck

Jonas Lemberg says:

You are such a super mechanic. I belive you are uniqe because you know the electronics and the hard mechanics. Not many do!

Graham Reid says:

Just putting this out there…..I absolutely love this channel. Gave me so much confidence over the last 10 years to do my own car repairs.

Wyatt Rich says:

Thank you for this, I hope something similar can be done for Hyundais…

marshall lavigne says:

Coudn't you measure the resistance of the key and put in a matching resistor?

Pontificus Vascillious says:

nice method …
i have done this bypass on my own 2003 pontiac grand am …
my method was a bit different …
i cut the yellow wire and measured OHMS from yellow (back to switch) to black wire (key in)
then strung a few standard resistor values to get the MEASURED value …
soldered that in between yellow wire going TOWARD the BCM and the black wire (grnd) …
did it 5 years ago … security light comes on every few months then goes out … but NOT a single NOSTART since!

The Iron Medic says:

Had to replace my ignition system. Lock cylinder locked up on me (headed to work 4am) luckly was home and just took another truck, had to relpace the entire ignition system and a new cylinder then do the relearn process. 20 year old truck

Eric Schmidt says:

Just measure the resistor in the key and use the same value resistor in line. There are only 16 different values

Jacob Haas says:

Did the same on my moms 95 Buick lesabre many years ago now. I got a big pack of resistors, ohmed the key it’s self and put the appropriate resistors in line. Something like 1740 ohms

DAD TYPE 2 says:

So, don't go anywhere, with Eric The Car Guy gone on a well deserved break and having hardships on his shop, and Ray over at Rainman Ray's Repairs starting his own business, now my Powerhouse of 4 has dropped to two, I'm leaving this message at Faye Hadley as well, lol we always have Scotty, but this is getting scary. There are a few others out there I watch but I've been with all you guys from day one. So tell Mrs. O to keep the chicken soup and vitamins flowing!! Lol nothing but love for you Eric and fam! Make it look like Best Buy has been here!

Nik Mitchell says:

"If it doesn't work, make up some excuse" LOLOLOL I have this same truck but in 2WD, so I'll keep this video in mind! 😛 Thanks again Mr. O!

Vincent L says:

6:35 Roberts your mother's brother LOL, then the Mission Impossible wire cut, nice.

Steve Barrett says:

Always appreciate the videos, thanks!

Peter Torregrossa says:

That VAT system is completely useless. All it does is stop owners from driving their own vehicles.

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