LS3 Rocker Install Easiest Way DIY

LS3 Rocker Install Easiest Way DIY

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Watch this video for the easiest way to set up the Ls Rocker arms in your Ls Motor. there is many ways to set up the rocker arms however I found that setting my motor to TDC compression stroke on cyl 1 before I removed the heads set everything up. By doing this the rocker arms are set by following the firing order of the engine and then torqued down to 22 foot pounds.

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Alex Z says:

My passenger head is off should I put the number 8 piston on TDC and start that way?

David Sharp says:

Ls3 has rectangle port heads. If you don't know the difference between a cathedral port and a rectangle port you have no business touching anything mechanical.

Blake Clarkson says:

Thanks for the video man! The music made me a little nervous though!

Brandon Page says:

Great video! Does the rocker pedestal on these engines have specific orientation? Words up or down?

Colt Devine says:

Pretty sure that's a ls1 not a ls3. You can tell by the steam vents, rockers arms and cathedral ports. Ls3 have the back 2 steam ports blocked off, rockers are offset, and the heads have square ports.

100% reality says:

So basically when the valve springs are full extended and the pushrods are down you can torque the bolt?


I am confused, the title is ls3 rocker arm install but those are cathedral heads?

michael baskinmichael9 says:

I was putting mine and noticed motor is locked up what in world just new rebuild just putting it together for first timer

David Tejada says:

What torque ft lbs did you leave them at ?

Brett K says:

Ummm everything is on my car and idk how to test if it's dead center …

Chance Guy says:

Good info I prefer this method

Odi Arroyo says:

no need for that
Just so you know for the next video
We r not here for music
We are here for knowledge
If you teach us what u know
We will support you

Dean Kay says:

I don’t recall the rocker arm torque spec being shown on screen or talked about. My 5.3L truck engine came to me with no repairs. As a retired ASE Master with 40+ years found an interesting issue. Every single bolt on the timing chain cover was loose. Just a word if doing a drop in job. I used green Loctite on clean bolts. Anyone who builds race engines add a thread locker on almost everything. Vibration and expansion during heat cycles know these bolts can work loose. Just a kind word about what I found. Yours may vary! I wanted to inspect the cam, cam bearings and modify the oil pump. I can’t do a used engine without doing certain things. Comp check, injector cleaning with my factory tools and chemicals on a home stand. With a factory OEM schematic, I used an 8K resistor for VATS for repeat prior to PCM updates. I learned much after a dealer tech, working on EFI vehicles in 78. Yes, two vehicle made for 76 model year had electrical fuel injection with one for each cylinder produced in very large numbers.
Thread locking chemicals can add the the build, I have large bottles for threads, sealant and two different anti-seize. Best to everyone!

loveto livetruely says:

Thanks for sharing. I did my rockers today and I used a bore scope to get the number 1 piston to top dead center because I forgot to make sure I did that before I put my heads on but luckily I had that bore scope. Now the only concern is that mine had a teensy weeny bit of play and I think yours did too but correct me if I'm wrong.
Again thanks for sharing.


No feeler gage needed?

Brian Brigg says:

Why are you using cathedral port heads on an LS3?

William Miller says:

do you have the spark plugs out

Gordon GMan says:

I hope no more major problems.

Dan Hambrick says:

Those powder coated rocker covers look good Jerry…..

B.C. Gold Prospecting says:

Thanks for the tip

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