Install: B&M Shift Improver Kit 30262 for 1968-81 GM TH350 Automatic Transmissions

Install: B&M Shift Improver Kit 30262 for 1968-81 GM TH350 Automatic Transmissions

Install: B&M Shift Improver Kit 30262 for 1968-81 GM TH350 Automatic Transmissions. Please Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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B&M Shift Improver Kit for 68-81 GM TH350 – Part # 30262:

B&M Part #30262 – Fits 1968 to 1981 GM TH350 automatic transmissions. Does not fit TH350C (Use B&M Part # 30235 for TH350C).

HEAVY DUTY-Firm positive shifts without loss of driver comfort for improved performance in all street vehicles.
STREET/STRIP-Positive shifts for high performance street use or for competitive events. Hardest, quickest possible shift.

-Eliminates Shift Overlap
-Eliminates Soft and Sluggish Shift
-On Any Stock Automatic Transmission
-Provides Crisp Shifts
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Johnny Turbo says:

Nice video. I would really have liked to have seen a before and after short video of it shifting at part and full throttle

Brian Truck ✌️ says:

One check ball

Steeljaw Jones says:

Hi, hey on the 350 th pump what gasket sealer if any do you use on the o ring and the round gasket just behind the o ring gasket? Thanks in advance

Impala Cruise66 says:

If your going street and strip looks like you used the wrong location at least looks like it on the video.

29710online says:

Always soak the new valve body gaskets with transmission fluid before you install them. Also don’t torque the support plate bolts until after you have installed the main valve body and all of its bolts. The reason for this is because the separator plate can be misaligned and you will not be able to get all of the valve body bolts screwed in correctly if you torque the support plate down first.

Chuck Sturgill says:

Some of these comments are just dumb. This video is to show how to install the shift kit. Common sense should tell you to reinstall the filter and new fluid. And most of the deep extra fluid capacity pans come with filter extensions and the longer bolts.

Frandrew says:

Drained the fluid straight onto the exhaust pipe. That will be nice and smoky when you run it

fruitful7 says:

Don't forget to add new oil to trans after installing the kit.

Joseph Warren says:

SSR's comment was funny, but a seriously good video. Thanks.

Poor Man's Garage says:

How exactly does this help with towing?

Dale Vackar says:

Don't need it I make my own

Ilike Tacos says:

My favorite transmission to work on . I love the PG and 400 too .

raccoon681 says:

im sure he put that filter back in…… i hope

MontrealMan1970 says:

but before you hit the highway fill it back up with trans fluid

kingpinjunky02 says:

A befor and after would be good

Orlando Sanchez says:

I have installed these shift kits in numerous vehicles.  They work great and improve the firmness of the shift.  Quite often get a third gear tire chirp on the quarter mile.

Dylan Waggoner's dad! says:

I guess I don't get it. Add a spacer? No springs?

Sheronda Jones says:

why no work to valvebody…bigger springs

Dave vonAnderseck says:

This is defiantly going into my hot rod

alto Visuals says:

Great video!!!! I understood this so clearly!!!!

pablomalmon says:

b&m shift improver kit I need use also the 2 gasket and metal in middle?

Charles Starnes says:

I've always refrained from trani work besides changing the pan and filter. But watching this video I know I can do it no problem. My spare trani is out of my truck so it should be even easier.

Robert Walker says:

got the kit. used a video from . he details two springs to remove to get a harsher shift. if this is done along with your kit.what is the result. further if bolth stage 1 and stage 2 are applied what is the result.

David Spafford says:

I watched another brand shift kit video, where they changed springs and other parts. What is the difference between this type of shift kit and others that require spring changes?

Kevin Brown says:

Thanks for making this video. Picked up this kit for my stock th350. Seems pretty easy, can't wait for firmer shifts!

Matthew Hagen says:

Thanks guys

karen wall says:

What about the trans filter and doesn't it need a extension to work properly with the new deep pan?

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