How to Install the Tech2Win Diagnostic Software

How to Install the Tech2Win Diagnostic Software

In this episode, I show you how to install the Tech2Win diagnostic software from the AC Delco TDS website. This will give you access to the same diagnostic tools a GM Tech at the dealership would use on your older Gen 4 LS vehicles like my 2007 GMC Sierra. In future episodes we’ll go over how to use the tool.

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Bill says:

Does it work for 2012 cadillac escalade hybrid?

donatoe78 says:

Thanks a lot. I missed the downloads when the first time I tried Tech2Win. Now I get it. Thank you.

Victor Weeks says:

I didn't make it through 5 mins of this video. it was boring and drawn out. wasting time to get over 10 mins. this video could of been compacted into easy 7 mins. stop wasting our time.

executive says:

you really suck at computer

shaanee says:

anything that uses JAVA runtime tends to be glitchy and BUGGY..

afzal auto ksa says:

i want MDI software do you sell?

Līga Kreija says:

Hi, I can't seem to get it working. I downloaded the software from the AC Delco, but the software doesn't show the cable I have. Mine is a 20$ obd2 cable, not a 500$ one. Is that causing a problem?

Micheal Seyi says:

May i ask one question can GM tis sps have Opel vectra c 2006 model ECU software programming before i made the payment

Albert Quintero says:

How you do throttle body relearn

Micheal Seyi says:

Thanks for this video , but am still having issue with AC Delco TDS is not open what can i do?

Caveman Ballistics says:

You pissed away half of the video before you even started the download!

Vicken Karagozian says:

Thank you sir. Great stuff..Without your help i could not have done it.

Welding Junkie says:

Thanks for sharing this was good. i noticed you use Citrix receiver too i use that. this was a big help, i could of gone without the GUM Chewing tho LOL… how was the vcdx or whatever it was?

What the says:

Can you show us the nano install?

Rick Johnson says:

Thanks for all your great info and sharing! I got to you through Kyle at Goat Rope Garage…. thanks again.

Phil Betthauser says:

Hope you are staying safe with this covid-19 . That's a cool program.

That green RCSB says:

Awesome video. I'm fortunate in the respect that I still have a current GM login, so I get access to 100% of the cool stuff. I also own an MDI…

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