How to Install Chevrolet Silverado Cargo Light LEDs

How to Install Chevrolet Silverado Cargo Light LEDs

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This video demonstrates the simple installation of cargo light LEDs on the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado. Email us with any questions at or call 314-205-3033. Thanks for watching!



Alan Pina says:

How do i turn on my cargo lights on a chevrolet silverado 2012

j murph says:

My 2021 does not have screws to access. Just plastic tabs which scare me they’ll snap

راعي الجمس GMC says:

Do you have a supplier in Saudi Arabia ?

uıqoᴚ ɹǝɥdoʇsıɹɥƆ says:

What is that bulb, 5000k?

Rilian Riggs says:

These look great! What about the center bulb? Should I replace that one as well? Any ideas on how to prevent the lens from filling with water? I have a 2015 Silverado and it fills with water when it rains. the factory gasket sucks!

Richard Kirkland says:

their no video on how to fix rear caro light that don't work why is that? Chilton repair manuel has no diagram on this matter!

Bryan Byak says:

Mine don't twist either??? Help

dtchavez92 says:

Mine don't twist out like yours….

guerrero jose says:

cool video bro, I also replaced mine, I am trying to figure out how to leave them on while driving

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