How to Fix GM Windshield Wiper Motor EASY! | 1988-1998 Chevy Silverado

How to Fix GM Windshield Wiper Motor EASY! | 1988-1998 Chevy Silverado

How to fix 90’s GM vehicles with intermittent or non-working wipers. This video shows the main culprit in why your windshield wipers aren’t working. $10 fix!
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Midwest Garage says:

My apologies, the part is closer to $20, not $10…but still cheaper and A LOT easier than replacing a $50 motor!
Thank you all for the support!

Cal says:

I just purchased a 1997 express 2500 van. The windshield wiper works on fast but not slow. Going to try out the circuit port switch. Thanks for making it easy.

MAGA USA says:

Do you have to put electrical Grease

Tom Howard says:

I have noticed there is no vid's on 1986 GMC truck's. They seem to be too old or quite different?

Tanya H says:

Thanks for this video. My wipers are doing exactly the same thing. I'm just going to buy a new circuit board.

Claudia DidiƩ says:

Thank you very much. It worked just fine and was quite easy to do!

Nicholas Stricker says:

Thanks….had no idea, will start with that first

Andrew Soberluv says:

Great info thank you so much

Caroline Cutsinger says:

Definitely helped. Thanks dude

Fineas Welderbacken says:

Thanks so much!

Matt White says:

NHTSA has an open recall on this take to dealer cause mine showed incomplete and it's nhtsa so they have to do it

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