How to Diagnose and Fix Service Stabilitrak Traction Control Problem 2011 – 2015 Chevy Cruze

How to Diagnose and Fix Service Stabilitrak Traction Control Problem 2011 – 2015 Chevy Cruze

About a week ago I started having intermittent issues with my 2013 1.4L turbo Chevrolet Cruze Eco where it would suddenly lose power and the message Service Stabilitrak appeared in the console. In this video I will walk you through the entire process I took to find the cause of the issue and SPOILER, it was resolved. I hope you find this video informative and it helps you as well!

Your codes may not be the same as mine as there can be many reasons for the stabilitrak message to appear. After you diagnose your vehicle, use the codes you get to start researching the possible causes. Good luck!

ACDelco D521C GM Ignition Coil:
Autolite XP3923-4PK Iridium XP Spark Plug, Pack of 4:
CRAFTSMAN 5/8″ Spark Plug Socket, 3/8-Inch Drive (CMMT43324):
CRAFTSMAN Ratchet Wrench, 3/8-Inch Drive, 72-Tooth, Pear Head (CMMT81748):
Craftsman 9-44261 Extension Bar for 3/8″ Drive, 6″:
TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive x T30 Torx Bit Socket | SHB14230:
U480 OBD2 Code Reader Turn Off Engine Light Car Scanner CAN BUS Erase Code from DTC I/M Readiness VIN Search:
Anti-Seize Lubricant:



Juan Gándara says:

Hello! I have a question, before You Made this, when You accelerate your car it lose power, but when You change D to Park or Reverse, the car makes a taping? My English is basic, I hope You can undersand me thank you

Andre Givogue says:

Thanks for the great video.

Ron M says:

I appreciate the help, but can you just be a little more prompt with actually telling me what the issue is ?

Hailey Brown says:

I just replaced my coil pack & ALL plugs.. an my car is still having fits & doing this. IDK what to do!!! It’s not all the time but idk what else it could be

Judith Williams says:

What happens if it didnt fix it

Mason says:

Did this but the notification is still on, on my dashboard

Pete391 says:

I have a 2012 Cruze and mine did this exact same thing today…..So I took the coil pack off, pulled plugs from the number 3 and 4 cylinders..Cleaned them and switched them when I put them back in and the car is running perfect….

Algarve Works says:

Diesel engines don't have spark plugs

peterpruimpjes says:

If I only want to replace the spark plugs and one of the boots stays behind,, does that mean the coil pack is ruined? Also is there an electrical way of 'checking/testing' the coil pack on or off the car?
Is coil pack replacement at 49000 miles part of a routine tune up?
2016 Trax 1.4 Turbo
Thank you

Robert Hann says:

a head gasket that starts to go bad will make them rust a well i have my own garage ty have a good day

kirnfamily says:

This is great. For several months I'd been having episodes in my 2014 Cruze where it lost power expectantly, and/or the check engine light came on. Very recently, it started bucking and surging as if there was water in the gas, and then the Service Stabilitrak message came on through the console. All I could think of was this was going to be a very expensive repair. However, I found your video where you had similar issues. My Cruze has only 91K miles, but when I removed the plugs, I found they were almost complete shot (the center electrode was wire-thin). Although not 100% sure it was part of the problem I also replaced the ignition coil. It took about an hour from beginning to end, and the car runs like new again. Many thanks.

Steve M says:

Changed my coil pack and plugs last summer now a month ago the check engine light came on and traction control also so changed the coil pack again but not the plugs and drove it put about 1400 miles on it and boom start driving bad again and same lights on again what could this be

Jae Polk says:

Thank you for this detailed step by step video, my car definitely scared me stopping on the freeway yesterday.

Emmanuel martinez says:

Coil pack seal was blown

ConcertsLiveHD says:

Hey man just wanted to send you a big thank you… I had this issue with my Cruze 15 where it was losing power and the stabilitrak light would come on… followed this video got the parts and did it myself in under 1 hour and saved about $300. You’re the man bro thank you again

WighTShadoW says:

Excellent video & information. Ty.

J Z says:

Head gasket?

Lili Alicia says:

Thank you so much!! I've been having this issue for a while and the mechanic I brought it to said I should just trade it in while it was still running. Now it works great AND you inspired me to learn so much more about how to diagnose and fix my own car. This is one of the most helpful videos I've ever stumbled upon. Thank you so much!

fanefan says:

Im having this problem as of rn & its driving crazy! Btw does that affect the AC too? Since it happened its my car kept dying out when i use the AC & eventually a few months later the AC just stopped working.

Krystal Johnson says:

Our stabilitrak comes on and then it just shuts the whole car off while in idle at the stop light.

Liviz Diab says:

I have an Buick Verano 2013 and is making the same problem I took it to the dealership so many times they just charge me and supposedly they find the issue but soonest I release the car from the dealership the light shows up back again … I’m so frustrated now!!

boost_is_happiness says:

why does the spark plug fault give the stabilitrak fault? And why does replacing the sparak plugs fix stabilitrak?

Omar S. says:

What a video! Thank you so much! I will be doing this job tomorrow on my fathers car (he’s worried and needs his baby). He has the exact same symptoms and I just hope I pull that code tomorrow when I check it out so I can run and do exactly what you did! Such a peaceful video too lol

Jake Matthw says:

Thanks for the video man I had a broken coil I changed all the spark plugs and put a brand new engine coil in it and it works perfectly now thanks man

Feyolen says:

Damn I had similar symptoms but a p0171 error code instead

Lety Nava says:

Excellent job and explicate

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