How Tesla, GM And Others Will Fix Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety

How Tesla, GM And Others Will Fix Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety

The popularity and success of Tesla has proven there is demand for electric cars. Automakers are investing millions into an electric powered future. Last year, 143 new EV’s launched around the globe. Analysts predict record growth of EV sales in 2021, especially in Europe and China. But in the US, electric vehicles are less than 2% of autos sold annually. Several hurdles remain for the market to really take off and one of the biggest, is charging. CNBC explores the current state of electric charging and how automakers like Tesla, GM and companies like Chargepoint and Electrify America are adding charging infrastructure to increase electric vehicle adoption.

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How Tesla, GM And Others Will Fix Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety



Dhaval Prajapati says:

Before Indian EV industry Manufacture thousand of Car in india, Govt. Need to make some criteria like " One chargind POD "
& Govt. Must forced to all Prtrol pump to provide Fast Charge facility too…

Dieter Zerressen says:

What? I've seen that dork "Auto Reporter" from CNBC be wrong before. This time he says something about "when the price is (even) with gas or even lower". That's just ignorant, wrong, misleading, lying – you pick. Charging via electricity is ALWAYS lower than gasoline – usually 1/2 in the worst circumstances. Charging at home off-peak is about 1/8th the cost of gasoline. What a jerk. Yes, YOU, Michael Wayland are a moron.

Jim Wool says:

1830's Electric Vehicles? Bibliography?

Ronin says:

Won't buy an EV unless the electricity used was produced in a clean way.

Oskar Pineno says:

I drove from Long Island, NY, to Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, then back home… in my Model 3. No range anxiety at all… I think this debate was solved years ago. says:

There should be a law mandating for chargers at every had station. That's how you solve this problem.

georgesbv1 says:

and still, if there are a limited number of charging points and you go around laughing with your mates or using the charge point as a parking lot nearby the office – they cannot make money out of you not using it to full potential.

Nosey Girl says:

Probably, many people do not realize that most of that electricity they use to charge car batteries is made by burning same fossil fuel as is burning in traditional cars. So, it is reasonable to ask about gas mileage of electric cars. Now, in an old car there is just car engine between gas and mileage. In electric car we have power plant, transmission lines, car battery, and the motor in that chain of energy conversion from fuel calories to car motion. I would like to hear from the 'experts' about resulting gas mileage, but I bet that it is no better than half of that of a regular car.

Nathan C says:

My biggest concern is long distance travel… if I wanted to travel from Illinois to Arizona, it would take me a while longer and I would be stuck near my EV car charging in a parking lot instead of doing vacation stuff.

Tall Dave says:

We also need education about “range” where most of the public fears about it are unfounded! Bigger battery is not the answer for most drivers. My friend who has a Mechanical Engineering PHD told me that he would only consider EVs when they get at least 400 miles range!! I had to surprise him that it would take him an entire day to fully charge at home for that size battery with a typical Level 2 charger!

Jackson the Meme Warrior says:

Europe and especially China are not just incentivizing EV sales (you don’t even need a license to drive certain EV’s in China) but they are also making it harder and harder to buy a new ICE car. Like for example; you can’t drive to certain places in a gas car in china. It’s also partly that Americans have a big road trip culture rather than in Europe, where public transport is way more popular and more effective. What we really need to do is give access to Level 1 and 2 charging in residential properties and areas, and fast changing along the highway. Then slowly make it harder and harder to buy or make ICE cars.

Anthony Stephens says:

if I can't goat least 500 miles and you can't charge it full in under 5 minutes you can count me out

Igor_21 Bunzer says:

Better make some powerplants to make the electric needed to charge these things first

Bill Davenport says:

republicans are fighting this by charging more for plates i say kick out all republicans

Bill Davenport says:

solid state batteries

Bill Davenport says:

faster charging is the key

John R says:

Convert every gas station to charging stations.

nik maknojia says:

This companies can create as many ev stations as they want but you know what their true challenge is? Time during a work hours, time is the most important thing. It takes less than 5 minutes for me to get in my local gas station to get whatever I want and fill up my car which gives me a minimum of 400 miles of range. Until a EV can match that or beat that, I got no interest in buying one..

Roddy Creswell says:

It's a pain in the ass keeping my phone charged, do I want to deal with that with my car too? At least if I forget charge my phone I can still make it to work the next day.

Roddy Creswell says:

Battery powered cars will never be as convenient as gas cars.

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