GM Passlock Bypass Permanent Fix For Alero & Grand Am That Crank No Start

GM Passlock Bypass Permanent Fix For Alero & Grand Am That Crank No Start

This is a video tutorial on how to “Fix Crank No Start & Permanently Bypass GM Passlock On Alero & Grand Am.” I also show you how to get the security light to turn off for good. This is an in depth turorial on the easy way to bypass the passlock feature in order to keep your car from frequently stalling on you. This fix also allows you to be able to add an aftermarket remote start to the vehicle without the need for a bypass module.

GM Passlock Bypass Permanent Fix For Alero & Grand Am That Crank No Start

I have included a list of supplies that are used in this video and frequently needed when performing this type of repair. Please enjoy video and subscribe to my channel for future repair videos.

Supplies used for this repair:

• Soldering Iron:
• Solder:
• Drills:
• Wire Cutter:
• Resistors:

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GM Passlock Bypass Permanent Fix For Alero & Grand Am That Crank No Start

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GM Passlock Bypass Permanent Fix For Alero & Grand Am That Crank No Start



Evan Rogers says:

I did all this and my car still wont start do you any thoughts on it

Pete Zipf says:

Can anyone tell me what wattage is needed for the 1500 Ohms resistor?


If you have to wait 10 minutes still you didn't bypass the security. You didnt bypass the passlock or it would have started.

Kevin Naderi says:

This is awesome thanks

Sir Justus says:

I have 96 Pontiac Grand Am with this same problem Passkey Module VATS. My ignition is on right side on the tilted steering column. Can you tell me if the wires are in the same place for access and if the color of the wires are the same (yellow, black, white) colors?

Bass King says:

How did the resistor work out ? Any more security problems?

Bird Man says:

Great video! This has been a problem for the life of my 2000 Alero. The dealer replaced the ignition switch at least 6 times in it's life. It was sold to me before I knew it was a problem. I should have known when the previous owned handed me 5 set's of keys. I'm like, 5 sets of keys? That's strange… Then I had the ignition replace again for $600. You would think the manufacture would have a fix like this. A 20 year old car does not need theft protection, I say "Please steal it" LOL

Boss Bossco says:

I put in a resistor as u stated but it still won't start and I even did the relearn steps why won't it start ?

Buhlou Bear says:

Thank you for taking the time to show the steps and what to avoid.

NikonChic says:

I have a Pontiac Grand Am 04 and used your video today to finally fix this problem. Ive been late to work a few times because I didn't know what was going on initially. I followed yr video step by step. Coming from a single woman, thanks so much for this helpful video.

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