GM and Chevy with the 1.5 Beware! #alexthecardoctor

GM and Chevy with the 1.5 Beware! #alexthecardoctor


@kylesylvester6139 says:

This dudes awesome. I'd definitely buy him a corona. Cheers man. And this is coming from a dude who's hungover at the moment.

@3Stkz says:

Thanks for that tip cause I HAVE 2020 EQUINOX and I'm at 72,000 at the moment

@juanvidal5317 says:

Thanks professor for the tip

@IvanHernandez-vo4jx says:

Alex looked tired. Take a vacation homie, you need a break

@fixitfelix718 says:

do you do alot of mitsubishi outlander 2017 …14thru2021….p0106..barometric sensor

@elmayimbe_the_amateur_mechanic says:

Did a 2017 Malibu last month with a 212K on it. Scanner said it was bad. I did pads all around and we went for a test drive (I service cars for a small used car lot) and the brakes were tight. Code said this was bad. Pulled it off and it was all broken up inside. I think the aftermarket part was like $35 and I put it on in like 30 minutes. Charged $65 labor. Pretty much $100 for the customer and the car was fine.

@DerfOrNuffin says:

Also on the 2.5

@sharpshoota21 says:

Does the new one come with the seal?

@sharpshoota21 says:

It’s funny you brought this up because I did some research and found out that this was arguably the biggest issue with those models. I’m changing mine out as soon as I get home next month

@edwinblessing9811 says:

I didn't even know that vacuum pumps were on these engines. I thought that all the vacuum was from the manifold on the engines.

@itylxrrr4163 says:

Had to do this with my 2019 malibu in my backyard. Apparently when the pump locks up, it can destroy the end of the exhaust cam, and send big chunks of metal throughout the cylinder head.

@taeb1678 says:

I need help! This happen to my car and I replaced the pump and my cam is good but my car is having a hard start problem it start just after like 6 or 7 try’s do you have any ideas to help me?

@Playlistcd says:

1.5 ecotec can be good but also be very bad if you don’t close eye on the engine.

@Playlistcd says:

My vacuum pump gave out at 100k. I replaced it and I now have 150k. How often should this part be replaced ? It was super scary when it gave out on us the first time we were in mountain roads on the hwy and lost all brakes on a downhill with no check engine light or anything.

@hermanpeters549 says:

Does The 1.5 last 100,000 miles

@561arcadia says:

What do you think of dorman timing kit for 07 expedition

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