GM 2.2L Ecotec timing chain replacement '03 Cavalier part 4: Installing a new chain kit

GM 2.2L Ecotec timing chain replacement '03 Cavalier part 4: Installing a new chain kit

Re-assembly begins in part four of this timing chain replacement series on a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier with a 2.2L Ecotec engine. Watch as a complete kit of Cloyes timing chain components is installed. At the end, we confirm that cam and valve timing is correct and smooth after two hand revolutions of the crankshaft. This Ecotec engine is found on many 2000 and newer GM cars worldwide, such as Cobalt, Cavalier, HHR, Malibu, Alero, Grand Am, Sunfire, Saturn L series as well as some Opel and Vauxhall cars and more. For helpful text with still pictures of this job see:



ddemier ddemier says:

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 2.2 ecotec how many miles do they recommend replacing the timing chain? I cant find a service interval?

leonard lunsford says:

let them know that both sprockets are marked intake & exhaust

vi says:

do i have to be drunk or high while trying to activate the tensioner with the rubber-tipped rod post install?

Franko Beltran says:

Great video , i had a quick question, i recently removed the cylinder head off my 2007 saturn ion and i didn't set it to top dead center correctly before removing , Do i just turn my engine to top dead center by looking at the pulley marks before installing heads again???

xFrShizzLEx says:

I see, I see, I see a timing chain replacement in my future! LOL!

At 183,000 miles it's time to do it again. Thanks for taking the time to make a video to help those that can help themselves. God Bless!

Leonel Ruvalcaba says:

You are great. I could not find another video so complete and step by step. for some reason my time chain when everything is ready and I move the crankshaft, as soon as the valve closes the chain is loosened for a second between the gears and then in the crankshaft gear. I have armed and disarmed and I don't find the problem

Mec Alpsha says:

GREAT Video – subscribed they did not make this easy for access on these engines!

Anonymous98 says:

Great tips throughout this series on the Ecotec engine. Thanks for the detailed instructions and tips, and for explaining that the colored links on the timing chain are only for the initial setup of the valve timing, and that when we do this, we shouldn't expect those colored links to come back to their starting points when we turn the crank 2 times manually to check out the valve/piston clearances and to observe the proper opening of the valves. Thanks for these videos.

Luis Hall says:

if you were going to check all the valve train why wouldnt you check valve lash also with feeler gauges? good video though

Marc Schoenmann says:

top video – i changed both chains on my z22se thanks alot 😀

Randy Tingle says:

These engines are junk. G M should have used the 3.1 —3.4 platform for these cars. All these engines with the cam solonoids are just money pits

Forrest RedFox says:

Just did a whgle timing chain, balancing chain, rocker arms and lifters kits, and the ecotec is easy and also a fucking bitch sometimes

James Buchanan says:

Were you happy with the cloyes kit? Better than stock?

just zayit says:

So the marks will not line up again?

Harry Gearhart says:

My replacement job the Cloyes kit tensioner was activated right out of the box, had to dis assemble and reset. Cloyes should send these with a clamp or tie wrap.

Garth says:

Watching your videos have helped me decide. I think it will be easier to pull the engine and do all the work rather than fight everything for days. I appreciate your hard work and documenting the process for people like me.

damage1_1 says:

So, after two complete crank shaft revolution will all the timing chain and balance shaft timing marks all align?

norsk-dougbert says:

here is a solution for that upper tensioner bolt

Nitrous blast 365 says:

Thanks for the video I worked out great on my 04 cavalier 2.2 Eco tec after it ran great before I changed it and it never ran after that once i shut it off one half of the day and i found out the black tentioner cracked on me and the top small bolt holes was stripped so i had to replace the whole head I order to have my new tensioner installed on a replacement head while I was there I replaced the head gasket too as well and all gasket that came with the head gasket kit set

jake k says:

i been doing this longer than you been alive a real mechanc gets his hands dirty, no offense buddy. there might be hope for you yet but you got a way to go to call yourself a mechanic…. lets see you put one together with no timng marks

jake k says:

A 24mm'' crescent wrench ???? yeah with that and those pussy gloves. A REAL MECHANIC ……..

Michael Munger says:

I'm work on a manual one and I need help fixing it.

Cr8zyH says:

I was looking at using cloyes. Is it still holding up good?

BigbadJohn says:

Nice video, especially at the end showing cam position in the different stages of the engine cycle!

1988 prelude_si says:

I have an 2004 Saturn ion level 2 2.2 ecotec changed timing chain everything it backfires is that because we didn't do the it correctly just put the cams in time nothing else but it cranks but backfires tries to start but backfires.

Tristan Leal says:

This might be a dumb question I'm new too this Channel but the same thing happened to my car as well with my 2005 chevy and I was wondering if I can just replace the tensioner or do I have to replace entire timing chain with a kit and new tensioner I took off the valve cover and no valves are bent just my chain is loose ? Thank you

Tom Power says:

ok have the same car with 300 000 km on it. have a vibration noise that starts over 50 km, turns out the transmission is going on this thing according to the shop. after seeing this video wondering whats next with this car ! as this is a known issue with this car should i do this mod your showed here and the transmission at the same time or retire the car when its done.

killerskoi says:

Love the video thanks for it. One quick question do you need too install the tensioner deactivated or can you install it activated?

Adam Propps says:

How many inches from the bottom off the tdc stick to the first mark on the stick?

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