externally regulated alternator to internally regulated conversion EASY WAY gm how to

externally regulated alternator to internally regulated conversion EASY WAY gm how to

car is a 72 monte carlo

easy way to convert a GM externally regulated charging system over to an internally regualted without cutting any wires



@dawhitecastle says:

What are the two wires at two minutes and 30 seconds that you’re using? the two rainbow shape ones

@markekberg8371 says:

So. I have original 1966 wiring for a external regulator. Alt on left side of engine. Crate engine alt is on right side of engine. New alt is a one wire. Is this the same process to eliminate the external regulator?

@genuineworkinghands says:

I appreciate this greatly! It's exactly what I'm looking for.

@braydensdeals says:

Just did this on my 66 olds 425 worked perfectly thanks man.

@John-dk9xf says:

I have a 1972 Malibu 307 with an internally regulated alternator. The dummy light on the dash came on and will not go off. Voltage when running is 14.3 so it appears to be charging. I put a dummy light under the hood at the alternator and it works like it should. Goes off when running. Light on dash still stays on. Any ideas? Thanks.

@Michael_is_batman says:

Thanks man. I bought a 1970 chevelle and the previous owner tired to convert the alternators but he wired it completely wrong from what you did.

@josephadams7106 says:

Do you always work on you car by candle light?

@lordsauto says:

Worked great

@spaceace78801 says:

What 140 Amp alternator should I use on my Chevelle when I convert to a 1 wire alternator?

@lordsauto says:

Thanks sir great.

@LubaLuba1 says:

I was able to replace alternator and battery with new ones but still not charging battery. I disconnect battery and engine turns off, I check with meter and reads 12.5 v with engine on but that's what the battery reads too so nothing higher when engine is on. Can this regulator prevent power or alternator from charging battery?

@mcrickyd32 says:

lol all the warnings 'unplug your friggin battery' are the words of a man who has thrown some sparks with a tool arc. I would have the same warnings for others as those sparks got me jumpin! unhook your battery you lazies!

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