DIY fuel leak fix GM SUV 2015-2020

DIY fuel leak fix GM SUV 2015-2020

How to fix a fuel tank leaking gasoline on a 2015-2020 Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban, and Escalade. If you smell gas fumes or see gas leaking from your full-size GM SUV it may be a simple DIY repair instead of taking it to the dealer. I’ll show you how to depressurize the fuel lines, disconnect the fuel and emission hoses, and lower the gas tank.
As long as you can safely raise the vehicle and support it with jack stands you can replace the problem fuel line with a few basic tools.

GM Fuel Hose
Nitrile Gloves
Safety glasses
DeWalt ½” Impact

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KRTube75 says:

The dealer committed fraud.

Mike Starkey says:

The dealer said a new tank because he new what the problem was, new how much it would cost, and new there was a chance of repeat custom when the leak carried on.

Just Tripp says:

Dealers are like politicians….. if you know what I mean

yy z says:

I would have sprayed those fuel sender steel lines with some rustoleum…stop the rust

Don Crisp says:

Upselling the new tank rather than really diagnosing the real problem

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