SYNC® 3 Navigation: How to Update Maps | SYNC® 3 How-To | Ford

SYNC® 3 Navigation: How to Update Maps | SYNC® 3 How-To | Ford

This video will demonstrate how to update maps in your Ford vehicle’s Navigation System by downloading the latest software online or using the dedicated USB drive.

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SYNC® 3 Navigation: How to Update Maps | SYNC® 3 How-To | Ford



Rogério da Costa Rodrigues says:

Is it just for USA maps update or also for worldwide database, for example a Ford Fusion in Brazil?

Anthony Gibbons says:

Have my car idle for an hour for an update – seriously?

Andy Gippetti says:

Would have been nice if video actually told us how to do a update. How do you get the USB drive, how much does it cost, if downloading it what are the detail procedures to do this?

Jeremy Ostrom says:

Why does it cost $150 for the download?

Mustang Man says:

Google map on your phone is free to update. Than plug it in to your car if your has Android/ Apple play auto.

Sean Brennan says:

Tip: When looking for a USB drive to do updates in vehicles or actually just about anything these days, be sure to look for a 32GB or 64GB USB 3.0 drive. The time difference between a 2.0 USB and 3.0 USB is significant. You'll be happy you did and you can always use it for file storage and transfer after your done with your vehicle updates…

E M says:

Where can one find an accompanying USB drive that contains new sync3 navigation software?

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