Solved – Electronic Brake Control Module Repair Install (Ford Escape)

Solved – Electronic Brake Control Module Repair Install (Ford Escape)

Update – if you have tried to remove the EBCM without removing the brake line from the ABS assembly on a ford escape (possibly by removing the ABS assembly frame bolts to provide additional access please let me know. It still bothers me that for this vehicle the only way to remove the EBCM is to pull the entire assembly and if it is not necessary that would be valuable info.

0:00 Introduction and Trouble Codes
0:37 EBCM unboxing from UpFix Repair and Cleaning
1:02 EBCM Mounting to ABS Pump
1:48 ABS Assembly Installation
3:53 ABS Brake Fluid Leak Check and Bleed
4:46 Final ODBII Trouble Code Check and Conclusion

This video shows the installation of a 2012 Ford Escape Electronic Brake Control Module ABS Assembly. The steps shown should be applicable to most of not all ABS assembly unit replacements.

Prior to the removal of the EBCM the car has ODB code error B1342 and ABS/brake light indicators.
See the test and removal video here:

Forums had suggested that with these symptoms the EBCM is in need of repair. To access and remove the EBCM the ABS module assembly was removed and the EBCM was pulled off the assembly and shipped to a company called Upfix for repairs. Upfix replaced some electronics to repair the EBCM and shipped it back to us fully repaired.

After installation our Ford Escape is back up and running!

If you want to know how to install the EBCM or ABS assembly on your car and do it yourself, this is the right video for you.

Foxwell scanner/bleeder:
Power bleeder:
Aluminum Catch Pans:
Electronics Cleaner:
Torx screwdriver set:



@skip741x3 says:

Im always amazed at how absolutely spotless and hospital clean vehicles are in these repairs videos! Man!, my old 94 probe gt and 2003 focus look like the Exon Valdiz oil spill happened under and around my engine..LOL these cars here look like they rolled outta the showroom.

@joelf4892 says:

Do you have the link for upfix? Thank you!

@castaval51 says:

Mr. Normal Guy's where can I buy a spare part for the 2010 exhaust ABS module? Thank you

@fixfalcon2628 says:

How did you know that it was the EBCM that was bad, and not the ABS pump??

@Dustinclayg1 says:

How did you bleed the master cylinder? Was the spongy pedal resolved after that?

@john96395 says:

Did you do a bleed on both front tires to get the air out?

@john96395 says:

So the only tools you needed were the power bleeder and abs scanner?

@hubedzm2273 says:

Moal kabeli sebab tidak ada uang koropsi

@ashokmaihepat9666 says:

Can you please tell me where did you send the part to be repaired because I'm having the same problem

@williamvaughan1218 says:

Brake lines were cut???

@wendellgreenidge3362 says:

What size were those torx bolt for the control unit?

@unclejoe6811 says:

What were the symptoms before the repair?

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